Experiencing a Crisis in Life? Marcus Singletary’s ‘Start Something’ Resolves It

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Experiencing a Crisis in Life? Marcus Singletary’s ‘Start Something’ Resolves It

October 27
18:48 2022

The lyrics heard on Marcus Singletary’s Start Something are overt in their perspective. ‘I’m reaching out to anyone who will listen / Speaking the truth that they long to hear’ kicks things off with a bang and an effort to unite a divided public around positive affirmations and rock music that sounds familiar, yet is highly individualized.

Both ‘Greenstone Pala’ (a title derived from names printed on the back covers of many Atlantic Records-distributed classic rock-era albums) and ‘Shangri-Rock’ (a twist upon the name of the apartment building near Sunset Boulevard in which Marcus once lived) describe the experience of self-transformation. Other cuts speak of frustration, but their dilemmas usually end as well as they would in a Warner Bros. flick. The Wall Street stockbroker in ‘Gambler’s Delight’ ‘checks the numbers’ while considering the future’s potential for a Vegas-style payoff. ‘Give it Everything’ informs the lonely that with patience, anything is possible. The B-movie pastiche ‘(Off to the) Shores of Hell’ utilizes non-lethal super-lasers instead of guns in cosmic crime fighting. ‘Be the Farmer’ depicts a rancher whose awakening is based upon the process of moving away from the city to avoid cultural intolerance, and finding the same lack of civility in the new rural setting.

When presenting solutions to life’s crises, Marcus recites the hope-dealing words from ‘Got the Power’: ‘Revise your course if direction needs changing / Don’t use force if resistance is fading.’

The godly greed-grabber within ‘The Guru’ flaunts riches as a means of public persuasion (‘The Guru wears a diamond ring … If peace is what the Guru wants / That’s what he’s gonna get.’) ‘Is he truly enlightened?’ Marcus asks. ‘Probably not. But the admission that he can, ‘See the world from your eyes’ proves he’s at least trying to get there. The point is, the characters I write about represent different aspects of real people. They make their choices, live with their decisions, and find inspiration in the aftermath.’

But ultimately, the album recommends what the sitar-guitar drenched holistic ‘Meditate’ urges: ‘Reach a new level of thinking / Even if the ship is sinking.’

Start Something by Marcus Singletary is available on the Internet for streaming on such sites as Apple Music and Spotify, and for purchase on Amazon.

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