How To Choose A Container House? These 3 Points Must Be Seen

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How To Choose A Container House? These 3 Points Must Be Seen

August 09
13:48 2022

Container products were first used in the logistics industry, and later containers were gradually developed into temporary housing for various projects. With the development of technology and people’s increasing demand, containers are gradually being replaced by container houses. So today I will tell people why the container house is so popular? What should we pay attention to when buying?

01.What can the container house be used for?

The container house has simple structure, convenient installation, smooth relocation , energy saving and environmental protection. At present, it is commonly used for accommodation, office, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment, etc. It is often used for the following three types:

1. Temporary residence: It is more common to use the container house for temporary residence, such as the residence of construction site workers or the construction site office, etc. Because construction projects are mobile, the container house can be moved with the changes of the project. Another example is earthquake relief, to alleviate the urgent needs of the disaster area. For example, the makeshift hospitals such as “Thunder Mountain” and “Huoshen Mountain” built during the epidemic were all completed by container houses.

2. Mobile shops: At present, the more common mobile restaurants are also composed of container. For example, common food stalls, small shops common in scenic spots, etc.

3. Post box: At present, the container house is also favored by the municipal department. For example, the common public toilets, security booths, etc. on the road are all common container houses.

02.What points should we pay attention to when buying a container house?

The container house has a heavy responsibility, so how do we apply when we buy to choose the product we like?

1. Look at the quality of the container house: the main manufacturing materials of the container house are the channel steel for the frame and the sandwich panel for the wall and ceiling. These two items directly affect the quality of the container house. When choosing, it is necessary to see whether the thickness of the channel steel meets the requirements. If it is too thin, it will bend under pressure and the safety is not enough. The sandwich panel directly affects the sound insulation, water and moisture resistance of the house.

2. Look at the time of application: the current use of the container house is different, so the time of use is different. If people use it for 3-6 months, people can choose to lease it. If it is more than 1 year, it is more cost-effective to choose to buy. The container house can be reused. After the project is completed, it can be disassembled and applied to the next project, and it will not generate any construction waste, which is very simple and environmentally friendly.

3. Look at the brand of the container house: choose a manufacturer with a higher degree of specialization, a variety of product types, better service, and strong innovation. Big brands can better ensure the quality of the container house, from production, delivery to installation and service, allowing customers to save worry and effort, and innovative manufacturers have a better vision, and the container house can keep pace with the times. According to user feedback, In terms of use and look and feel, it will also be much higher than its peers.

The container house has steadily occupied the market, and the market is mixed. Everyone also needs to keep their eyes open and choose the most favorite products.

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