XCMG’s million-yuan X-creators Challenge comes to an end, accelerating the implementation of innovation in emergency rescue industry

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XCMG’s million-yuan X-creators Challenge comes to an end, accelerating the implementation of innovation in emergency rescue industry

January 13
23:21 2022

XCMG, leading construction machinery manufacturer (000425.SZ), committed to building the future with openness and togetherness, launches the X-Creators Challenge themed on “Embrace Life with Science and Technology” this February. On Dec. 28th, XCMG live-streamed the Awards Ceremony of X-Creators Challenge on Facebook, announcing final results to over 2.1 million audience worldwide. 

Themed on “Embrace Life with Science and Technology” and set up a prize pool of RMB 2.05 million, the X-Creators Challenge attracted around 3,000 contestants from China, Brazil, the Philippines, US, UK, Singapore, and many other regions and countries worldwide, and 40 works have entered the final rounds. Over half of these 40 designs target practical challenges in real-life rescue operations, applied AI, IoT and other advanced technologies and focused on sustainable development.

XCMG is pleased to announce the final winners of the Best Creator Awards:

Tianjiang – an emergent road rescue system, by WUSHDESIGN, Shanghai

Noah’s Ark – a multi-functional modular unmanned emergency rescue vehicle, designed by Nanjing Fire and Rescue Training Team from the Ministry Of Emergency Management, Nanjing.

Applied cross-industry modular design, Tianjiang integrates advanced communication technology into rescue operation, offering a complete solution for emergency rescue scenarios and integrates intelligence and automation to maximize efficiency and safety.

The designer Li Tiebin is an experience product designer in the field. “Design is not about tangible materials, but the inner spirit and belief”, he shared during the acceptance speech.

The other champion design – Noah’s Ark targets precisely the practical rescue challenges. As a multi-functional modular unmanned emergency rescue vehicle, it can switch between three operation modes and equips a powerful chassis to realize off-road drive, unmanned drive, traction and other various functions.

The design team – Nanjing Fire and Rescue Training Team is experienced in real-life rescue operation and aims to develop a highly-adaptable vehicle to maximize the efficiency and offer protection to both victims and rescuers on the site. 

Apart from the two champion entries, XCMG also awarded other designs with “The Bost Creative”, “The Most Potential”, and other prizes. 3 contestants were given the Chairman’s Scholarship with RMB 5,000 each as encouragement to their future innovations.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, some contestants can’t attend the ceremony in person, but they also shared their feelings and expressed their gratitude for this experience. “Though we’re thousands miles apart and have different culture backgrounds, we share the same goal of saving lives from emergent disaster”, said Adson from Brazil, the winner of “the Most Potential” award, in the video he sent to the ceremony.

Many distinguished industry elites attended the ceremony and shared their views upon emergency rescue equipment designs.

Zhu Sendi, member of National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee, Director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sent his wishes to the contest and spoke highly about this year’s entries during the opening speech.

A sharing session was held after the awards ceremony, during which these renowned professionals gave their insights.

Qu Guosheng, Director of China Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue Centre, elaborated the causes of earthquake and introduced the opportunities and challenges facing by the emergency rescue equipment industry. He acknowledged the necessity of this contest as he concluded the manufacturing industry to be the key for emergency rescue operation development.

“A second later in rescue means a second longer of victims in danger, and a second faster might save one more victim”, said Gao Zhigang, Director at the Rescue Equipment Research Institute of XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. As the professional mentor of the X-Creators Challenge, Gao Zhigang witnessed and guided the contestants through their designs, and he is proud to see that this contest has inspired these talents to better their machinery design with high-end, ground-breaking technological ideas.

“All the entries are unique and are promising to be applied in practical operations, they are inspiring in the industrial digitalization and transformation”, Dr. Thomas Mavrudis, technician from XCMG Europe Research Centre expressed his thrill upon these high-quality designs.

XCMG is proud to witness global creators to innovate with forward thinking, and integrate intelligence and automation into their designs, manifesting the contest’s vision of “Embrace Life with Science and Technology”. Advanced technologies like lightweight design, modular design, new energy and low-carbon emission were showcased in this year’s entries, calling for changes in the field.

“From now on, we shall combine such creativity with real-life applications, so that our emergency rescue equipment can be developed to the next level”, Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, stated his confidence towards the future of the industry.

XCMG launches various global programs to offer young talents the opportunity to connect, communicate and inspire each other. As the global top 3 heavy machinery manufacturer, XCMG aims to keep connecting young visionaries on the journey of innovation.

For more information about X-Creators Challenge, please visit: https://www.xcmgapprentice.com/

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