The VinDAX Exchange Opened The BitcoinClassic Trading Market And BGH Rose To $9

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The VinDAX Exchange Opened The BitcoinClassic Trading Market And BGH Rose To $9

January 07
21:30 2022

According to the latest news of the Bitcoin Classic community, Bitcoin Classic has reached ecological cooperation with VinDAX, which officially opened the BGH / USDT trading market on December 22, 2021. After that, BGH was popular by VinDAX users, with BGH rising to $9 on December 25.

BGH prices briefly rose to $9

BGH prices briefly rose to $9

About VinDAX

VinDAX is an established cryptocurrency trading platform with a unique underlying architecture for all devices and multiple languages, providing seamless user experience; VinDAX covers many countries and regions around the world, with major users in Europe, America and South Africa. In terms of performance, VinDAX uses a multi-layer multi-cluster system architecture to provide users with more secure and stable encrypted asset transaction services.VinDAX ranks 13th at CoinMarketCap, which was founded in 2013 as the world’s largest cryptocurrency transaction price query site.

About the Bitcoin Classic

Bitcoin Classic is abbreviated as BGH, with a total issuance of 210 million pieces. It was born at the height of the Bitcoin block was 630,000, and is an optimized and upgraded version of the original Bitcoin chain, which we often call the Bitcoin fork coin. Compared with Bitcoin original chain, Bitcoin Classic improves transaction speed and reduces transaction fees, Bitcoin Classic also made large changes in block volume size, supports each block size as a dynamic value, increases the original 1MB block limit to 8MB, greatly increases the transaction volume that the network can support, and it can flexibly handle transactions in each block. In addition, Bitcoin Classic has increased block generation speed, generating one block per minute, rewarding 50 BGH per block, and being halved at the height of 2.1 million blocks.

Bitcoin Classic is an optimized upgrade version of the Bitcoin original chain

Cooperation has benefited both sides together

What chemistry will the old crypto asset trading platform VinDAX and the new mine Bitcoin Classic produce? The market has given the best answer, and after the BGH / USDT VinDAX market opened, pushing BGH to 9U.On the other hand, as Bitcoin Classic continues to soar, many users learn about Bitcoin Classic through telegram. According to the latest statistics, BGH’s telegram community popularity began growing on December 24, with nearly 100 new miners or users wanting to learn more about Bitcoin Classic.

Bitcoin Classic is gradually being accepted by mainstream crypto asset trading platforms, from ZB to Coinstore to VinDAX, and I witness Bitcoin Classic grow. Starting the fork, maintained by the community technology, and the community docking the platform; I see fairness, freedom and decentralization in the Bitcoin Classic community.I think the Bitcoin Classic community is a DAO, but it’s not mature and too easy to ignore. I firmly believe that the Bitcoin Classic community will grow into a large DAO in the near future. In the future, it will also be accepted by more users, miners, and crypto asset trading platforms.

All this is just beginning. The future of Bitcoin Classic should be in the stars and the form of DAO. What Bitcoin Classic will do in the future will be to reshape the current Internet business model and build Web3.0. Let all community participants enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin Classic, let the profits return to the community, and make the community members become rich.

This will be a great experiment, are you ready?

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