Legend Outdoor Industries Introduces Archery Equipment To Help Every Archer

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Legend Outdoor Industries Introduces Archery Equipment To Help Every Archer

September 13
17:36 2021
Bow cases and arrow quivers that would benefit any archer. Archery equipment and accessories by Legend.

Whether an archer is experienced or honing his craft for serious competition, or a fledgling novice looking for a bit of recreation, there is no archery without archery equipment and archery accessories. In ancient times, an archer only needed a bow and a few arrows, but this was back when people cared more about survival than damage to their bows or lost equipment. Modern materials provide a more efficient means of transport and upkeep, so the modern archer can concentrate on the all-important task of becoming more accurate with a bow from greater distances. The following two items – The Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case and The Legend XT 420 Field Quiver – are to provide examples of the types of equipment that would benefit any archer.

A good case or quiver protects bows, arrows, and accessories from the wear of travel. Any bow case worth its price must have at least two features: containment and portability. Containment is a general word, referring to the bag’s ability to keep its items from moving about while the archer travels, or worse, slipping out the case unnoticed.Portability refers to the case’s ability to be transported effectively. This includes any straps, wheels, and fasteners, but also the design of the case or quiver itself. Interior foam lining, mats, and fastening straps provide even more containment for your expensive bows.

The Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case is perhaps an extreme example of both attributes. The ‘hybrid’ part of its name refers to its design and material. The hardness of the main bow case gives it security and toughness not found in soft cases; flexible pockets and straps balance out the Everest Hybrid’s design with portability. Both are vital for transporting a couple bows on a flight – not to mention compliance with the airlines – which is the biggest challenge a bow case will face.

Quivers follow the same rules of containment and portability as bow cases. The Legend XT 420 Field Quiver with Adjustable Nylon Belt follows these principles to the letter. There are three (3) slots for arrows, which provides enough space for easy access without compromising containment. This also makes it more portable, since the archer only needs to concentrate on one small quiver at a time instead of one large space with a lot of moving parts inside. An assortment of extra nylon pockets provides even more containment for arrow-related accessories, and the design of the XT 420 is all made to be transported continuously as the archer travels from the car to the range and back.

More information about Legend Outdoor Industries’ equipment for archers can be found at legendarchery.com.

About Legend Outdoor Industries

Legend® is the brainchild of its founder Benoit Lotter. The equipment developed by Legend® is designed for long-term operation because it is durable (no cheap materials), is innovative and makes life easier. Legend® is very careful when selecting the materials that are used to manufacture products. Legend® is proud to contribute to the respect of the environment.

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