Witness 12 MedTech Startups show the latest innovation of healthcare

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Witness 12 MedTech Startups show the latest innovation of healthcare

August 18
17:06 2021

With its professional minimally invasive surgery applied technologies, SCMH & IRCAD Taiwan collaborate with the biggest healthcare accelerator, BE accelerator to incubate twelve brilliant startups to show their solutions in the fields of minimally invasive surgery, medical devices and AI healthcare to shape the future of healthcare industry.


BE accelerator is expanding its local and global healthcare ecosystem, including hospitals, investors, R&D, manufacturing and government to help startup not just in Taiwan but also worldwide to break into Asian markets.

We are excited to host an online live demo day on the 28th, August to celebrate the progress of our marvelous startups as they graduate from the 24-week POC program (Proof of Concept program) as well as explore the opportunities for more collaboration. (https://reurl.cc/EnAG9m)

For the past 24 weeks, the twelve startups and our accelerator teams collaborated with mentors and partners to make this acceleration program remarkable. As the world marks a year and a half of the intense disruption by the COVID pandemic, our teams still demonstrated extraordinary resilience by coming up with significant innovative solutions through the digital transformation of our program.

There are a few talented and wholesome startups from Taiwan, Thailand and Canada that we would like to introduce:

EPED: an innovative medical and dental navigation solutions complemented with Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

METICULY: a Thailand based start-up that provides 3D printing medical technology on personalized implant solutions for bone-related surgeries.

Asia patho Genomics: a startup developed a metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) method which is a hypothesis free and timely method that could sequence every single pathogen, inclusive of bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasite, in one test.

Pressure Dot: a startup that is involved in measuring intra-abdominal pressure in the clinical settings of preventing Acute Compartment Syndrome. The system consists of an abdominal capsulized pressure detector/sensor that can be swallowed by patients for continuous measurement of intra-abdominal pressure.

INOPASE: an entrepreneurial concept which develops wireless power miniaturized implant neuromodulation with closed-loop function for Overactive Bladder (OAB) and Fecal Incontinence (FI) treatment. Current implant neuromodulation for OAB and FI treatments require patients to take multiple implantation surgeries and still have additional safety issues, INOPASE is closing the gap to improve the treatment efficacy.

Medscope: a brilliant startup that minimizes the risk during Minimally Invasive Surgery, as known as MIS. created 15° slope design for a better visibility. Anti-drop design of the jaw could make sure a surgeon won’t drop any extra clips into a patient during operations (which happen occasionally).

Protect Biotech: the company is committed to the research and development of companion animal immunotherapy drugs with the goal of becoming a leader in pet disease immunotherapy in the Pan-Asia region. Protect Biotech currently has the world’s first broad-spectrum animal cancer treatment product PT001, ready to enter clinical trials.

Wisergers: an innovative concept that develops biochemical detecting systems with microfluidic technology. Wisergers is committed in the supply of affordable, fast and the convenient products for biochemical detection in food safety and blood tests.

Smart Surgery: a startup that improves the qualities of surgeries and records the surgical procedures intensively. With Smart Surgery’s visual computing AI model, they deliver the services including surgery simulation system, medical image automatic labeling and surgery assistance system to better facilitate the development of education in surgical operations.

Point Robotics: a revolutionary innovation that increases the adoption of minimally invasive surgery and continue their commitment to designing minimally invasive solutions that reduce variability in surgery and help to provide deliver better care. Point’s technology can lower the surgery risks, reduce medical costs, prevent unsalvageable spinal injuries, shorten patients’ recovery time, prevent unnecessary medical imaging radiation exposure, and most importantly improve the precision in surgeries.

ALTUMVIEW Systems: a Canada-based AI startup that focuses on the development of smart vision technology for elderly care, rehabilitation, behavioral/cognitive health solutions.

HEMOCATH: another Canada-based startup that guides diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with heart failures (HF). HemoCath Intelligent HF Monitoring Platform is for remote patient monitoring (AI, SaaS).


All participants of the virtual demo day will have access to the event live and the recorded video. Moreover, we will have an exclusive campaign for registered VIP in our mailing list, including VIP booklets files and the opportunity to attend 1-1 facilitated introductions with the founders.

Please RSVP to be included in the VIP mailing list: https://pse.is/3m2uu9


14:00 – 14:05 Opening

14:05 – 14:08 Opening Remark

14:08 – 14:18 SCMH x BE Introduction

14:18 – 14:25 David & Thomas

14:25 – 15:10 Pitch Session

15:10 – 15:20 Break

15:20 – 16:20 Pitch Session

16:20 – 16:30 Dr.Lee penal

About BE Accelerator:

BE Accelerator is the largest growth-focused program and venture fund for healthtech, medtech and digital health startups in Taiwan. Based in Taipei, we leverage the unique strengths of our thriving ecosystem to position as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups. Started in 2018, we back fifty-one healthcare entrepreneurs, and raise $75.8M+ USD successfully.

About SCMH-Show Chawn Memorial Hospital:

The name “Show Chwan” originated from President Huang’s commemoration of his late father. It represents an aspiration to show concern for the elderly, love the young ones, and care for everyone’s health. Show Chwan is a hand-in-hand “family” healthcare system with a current number of eight hospitals. For medical and healthcare, President Huang Min-Ho advocates the spirit of “Mayo Clinic” by establishing a “sound rural hospital” system, allowing even the people in the most remote of areas to enjoy the quality and cordial medical care found in cosmopolitan cities.

About IRCAD Taiwan:

In 1994, IRCAD opened on the grounds of the University Hospital of Strasbourg. Since its creation, IRCAD has gained world renowned fame as a leading research, technology and surgical education institute. Asian Institute of Telesurgery (AITS/IRCAD-Taiwan) was created in 2008 under the guidance of IRCAD/EITS and this groundbreaking alliance with Show Chwan Health Care System brings the 800 international experts affiliated with IRCAD/EITS to closer proximity of Asian surgeons, providing identical level of excellence in education while saving time and money in traveling. Tens of thousands of surgeons from the world over came to IRCAD-Taiwan to obtain high-level skills, cutting-edge technology, pioneering medical devices.

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