Innovative Technology Leads the Future Intelligently – Chan Lok Man, the Promoter of the Era of Intelligent Medicine

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Innovative Technology Leads the Future Intelligently – Chan Lok Man, the Promoter of the Era of Intelligent Medicine

August 16
21:03 2021

At present, the global healthcare industry is in a new round of transformation and a critical period of development. The in-depth integration of deep learning, cloud computing, big data and other technologies with healthcare has brought about changes in the entire healthcare industry ecological chain. Especially with the support of many medical technology experts around the world, the medical and health industry has undergone subversive innovation and changes. Since medical technology research and development needs to be supported by professional clinical knowledge of specific diseases, advanced intelligent technology, and rigorous professional services for doctors and patients, those world-renowned and highly influential industry leaders are all outstanding compound talents with strong technological innovation capabilities and rich medical practice experience. Dr. Chan Lok Man, from the Hong Kong Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, is one of these outstanding talents.  

As a world-renowned medical expert, Mr. Chan Lok Man has deep attainments in Paediatrics, kidney disease, hematology, trauma and first aid. For many years, Mr. Chan Lok Man has been adhering to the concept of “Technology is the first driving force leading the innovation and development of the medical industry”, actively integrating cutting-edge information technology with disease diagnosis and treatment, and has been deeply involved in disease prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment plan formulation, treatment plan implementation and other subdivision areas. He has empowered doctors and served patients with deeper technological innovation and model innovation, and comprehensively promoted the technological upgrading of China’s medical and health industry, making it an important part of the global medical technology value chain.

With the continuous iterative development of medical technology, Mr. Chan Lok Man has been thinking and exploring what can be done to help doctors and patients create greater value. Based on the judgment of industry trends and a deep understanding of expertise in specific disease fields, as early as 2019, he developed a technological achievement with industry disruptive significance – Therapeutic Protocol Customization System Based on Diagnostic Data V1.0. Once the result was released, it received extensive attention from peers in the global medical and health industry. After the result has been implemented and the practice has been proved, the application of this auxiliary diagnosis and treatment tool can provide the optimal treatment plan according to the specific patient’s condition, help doctors understand the various possibilities of the patient’s disease development in all aspects, help doctors make better decisions, and realize precision medicine. Last year, this technological result has been introduced by many large medical institutions in China, Japan, South Korea, and many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, showing strong technical advantages, helping doctors provide patients with more efficient, convenient, comfortable and precise medical treatment service. After iterative upgrade and vigorous promotion of the system, the technological result has gradually sunk into the primary medical care, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of primary medical personnel, and creating huge social benefits.

At the beginning of this year, his other scientific and technological result – Intelligent Control System of Dialysis Equipment Based on Hybrid Optimization Algorithm V1.0, came out, which is a highlight for his medical research career.

Compared with kidney transplantation, 80% of end-stage renal disease patients still choose dialysis for treatment. However, long-term dialysis will bring certain adverse reactions to patients, such as post-dialysis fatigue, hypotensive shock, heart failure and so on. Investigations by research institutions have shown that fatigue after dialysis is closely related to the risk of cardiovascular disease and suicide in patients, which greatly increases the hospitalization rate and mortality of patients. Dialysis treatment is the core link for doctors to help patients with kidney disease maintain their health. A safe and stable dialysis process is closely related to the treatment effect of patients with end-stage renal disease. Traditional dialysis devices have technical bottlenecks in the high-precision monitoring of the venous arterial blood pressure speed, which is likely to cause instability in the dialysis process; In addition, the data in the dialysis process cannot be monitored and accurately analyzed in real time, which is not conducive to the safe conduct of hemodialysis and the quality assurance of hemodialysis.

The Intelligent Control System of Dialysis Equipment Based on Hybrid Optimization Algorithm V1.0 is a major breakthrough that Mr. Chan Lok Man has successfully developed after combining his deep understanding of dialysis therapy in the field of childhood nephropathy and his past practical experience in the technologicalization of the medical industry, after continuous innovation and optimization. In the process of developing the system, he used the PSO algorithm and the DE algorithm to evolve the corresponding populations; used the simulated annealing algorithm to complete the two-level local search of the solution; and also used the Dealer Principle to construct a non-dominated solution set, introduced a mechanism such as the leader selection of the boundary point geometric center to improve the algorithm, and proposed a new multi-objective hybrid optimization algorithm. Compared with the single optimization method, this new algorithm has better convergence curve and distribution. Relying on the huge advantages of the core algorithm, the system is connected with dialysis equipment and other external medical equipment, which can achieve precise control of dialysis equipment with complex structure and diverse functions, and enable real-time monitoring of physiological indicators such as venous arterial blood pressure speed and flow pressure, and real-time and accurate analysis of the patient’s physiological condition and change trend prediction based on the dynamic changes of these physiological indicators, so as to ensure a stable and high-quality dialysis process. What’s more worth mentioning is that Mr. Chan Lok Man continues to extend technology based on the original system. The current application range of the system is very wide, not only for the treatment of kidney diseases, but also for the treatment of poisoning caused by various reasons, autoimmune diseases, chronic liver failure and other diseases. It significantly improves the micro-inflammatory response and nutritional status of specific patients, improves patient survival rate and dialysis quality, and leads the development direction of intelligent dialysis technology in the era of intelligent medicine.

Medical technology development is not a 100% rewarding process. Sometimes after a long cycle and hard work, the expected goal may not be achieved. This requires practitioners to have enthusiasm and love for technology research and development, a peaceful and tenacious heart, and a fighting spirit on despite repeated setbacks. Obviously, these qualities can be found in Mr. Chan Lok Man. Over the years, he has been immersed in medical skills, engaged in scientific research and development, assiduously, and has repeatedly achieved good results. He has become a leading figure in the Chinese medical field and a scientific research giant in the international medical field. But he is still the original Dr. Chan Lok Man who was humble, polite and has noble medical ethics. He not only cares for his patients, but also regularly organizes special conferences in subdivisions such as first aid technology training, so that his cutting-edge academic resources benefit the public and promote the overall development of the medical and health industry.

People’s health is the foundation of social civilization and progress, and medical technology experts are the guardians of the people’s health cause. As a leader in the medical industry with the world in mind, Mr. Chan Lok Man will continue to use medical technology as the fulcrum to promote the deep integration of cutting-edge technology and medical and health undertakings, promote the steady development of intelligent medicine, and meet the global people’s pursuit of a better and healthy life.

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