The Black Market Concierge debuts long awaited audiobook

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The Black Market Concierge debuts long awaited audiobook

August 09
22:24 2021

Since Barry Oberholzer’s “The Black Market Concierge” has been released, it has reached #3 on the Amazon Bestsellers’ List and it has attracted the attention of major production studios, all vying for the rights to put his story on the small screen.

According to data drawn from Publishers Marketplace, the industry’s clearinghouse for news and self-reported book deals, literary adaptations to television have been on a steady climb. The site has listed nearly 4,000 film and television deals since it launched in 2000, and both the number and proportion of TV deals have increased dramatically in that same period. Last year, reported TV adaptations exceeded film adaptations for the first time ever.

Literary adaptations are big business. For streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, they provide a reliable source of content for limited or multiseason series; Publisher’s Weekly reported in 2019 that Netflix was on a “book-buying spree,” and the company has shown no sign of slowing.

The captivating memoir is now available as an audiobook on all major platforms and narrated by Ron Garner.

This unique memoir tells the story of how Barry Oberholzer has lived the life of a confidential informant (CI) for years.

Since his sanction-busting activities hit headlines in 2012, the South African establishment has tried to politically prosecute Oberholzer on many fronts while international smuggling cartels were tracking him down. What Oberholzer knows about sanction busting, narcotics, cigarette smuggling, and terrorism is gold dust to intelligence agencies, but it is information that could, at any moment, have cost him his life.

In The Black Market Concierge, he opens a window into his double life as a CI for U.S. and other international intelligence agencies and tells a fast-paced tale of how he informed on the role of key players in international smuggling operations. It is work that brought him to the brink of death many times, including once, while in prison in South Africa through attempted suicide.

Major corporations, crime syndicates, politicians and government officials all feature in his unique story which is a searingly honest account of a boy aviation enthusiast who cascaded into the world of international espionage at a young age and how this ultimately sent him in search of salvation in his devout Christian faith.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “The Black Market Concierge” by Barry Oberholzer through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

The Black Market Concierge honestly illustrates how the real world is more messier, and much more interesting, than we think.

Amazon Reviews:

“The book offers some insight into the black market world as well as the dark war economy of various nations. Barry’s ordeal in the overcrowded broken South African prison system also offers food for thought… Good quick read :).”

“Truly inspirational! Well written story based on a real facts. One of my best early Christmas presents :). Would recommend to anyone.”

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