American Soluções: Fintech reinvents debt negotiation for consumers in Brazil

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American Soluções: Fintech reinvents debt negotiation for consumers in Brazil

August 03
00:45 2021

Paying off debts is a difficult task and can become impossible when the debtor suffers from abusive interest rates and does not have access to affordable negotiation conditions. 

Seeking to help the 63 million Brazilian debtors – a market worth billions – American Soluções has reinvented debt negotiation in Brazil. The business idea: debtor empowerment! 

The company acts as an intermediary between the debtor and the creditor, obtaining special conditions for those who want to pay off their debts, which are presented in a clear and transparent way. “The main reason why consumers come to us is that they want to pay off their debts, but cannot afford to pay what the creditor is asking. We act to make this possible” says the fintech. 

American Soluções acts in a very simple way: they check with credit reporting companies all consumer debts and notify the creditors informing about the consumer’s interest in paying the debt – but in a fair way.  In many cases, it is possible to obtain discounts on the debt amounts and a reduction of up to 90% on the charges, as well as a considerable reduction in the installment. 

The proposal is positive both for consumers, who can get out of debts and for creditors, which will receive the amount owed.  

By intermediating negotiations with different creditors, American Soluções has become an interesting option for those seeking to pay off their debts and check which creditors offer the biggest discounts for immediate payment or the best conditions for installment payments.  

This proposal has already attracted thousands of consumers who have been able to get back to living a life without restrictions in a very simple way.  

In addition to consumers, the fintech also offers credit recovery options for business. “We know how time-consuming and stressful it can be for a company to solve a conflict in court, so we offer the service of out-of-court negotiation and mediation so that the business owner can count on all the expertise of our team to renegotiate his debt quickly, safely, and efficiently,” says American Soluções. 

Financial education and consumer rights are also concerns of the company, which offers a range of free content about these topics on its website, blog, and social media. “Our goal is not only to free consumers and companies from debts but also help debtors to understand and responsibly use credit in their financial lives” says the fintech.  

American Soluções is a Brazilian Fintech that offers debt negotiation services. More information is available at:

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