Knowledge of Nanoparticles Material And Piezoelectric Ceramics

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Knowledge of Nanoparticles Material And Piezoelectric Ceramics

July 05
16:00 2021

Piezoelectric ceramics is a kind of information functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical energy and electric energy to each other. It is a piezoelectric effect. In addition to piezoelectricity, piezoelectric ceramics also have dielectricity, elasticity, etc., which have been widely used in medical imaging, Acoustic sensors, acoustic transducers, ultrasonic motors, etc.

Piezoelectric ceramics are mainly used in the manufacture of ultrasonic transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electroacoustic transducers, ceramic filters, ceramic transformers, ceramic discriminators, high voltage generators, infrared detectors, surface acoustic wave devices, electro-optic Devices, igniting and detonating devices, piezoelectric gyros, etc., are used not only in high-tech fields, but also in daily life to serve people and to create a better life for people.

In World War II, BaTiO3 ceramics were discovered, and piezoelectric materials and their applications made epoch-making progress. And nano BaTiO3 powder make it possible to produce BaTiO3 Ceramic with more advanced properties.

At the end of the 20th century, material scientists from around the world began to explore new ferroelectric materials. For the first time, the concept of nano materials was introduced into the study of piezoelectric materials, which made the research and development of piezoelectric materials, a functional material, face a major breakthrough, manifested in materials. The change in performance is that the mechanical properties, piezoelectric properties, and dielectric properties have been significantly improved. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the performance of the transducer.

At present, the main approach of adopting nano meter concept in functional piezoelectric materials is to improve certain properties of piezoelectric materials (add different nanoparticles to form nano complexes in piezoelectric materials) and (using piezoelectric nanopowders or Nanocrystals and polymers are made into composite materials by special means) 2 methods. For example, in the material department of Thanh Ho University, in order to improve the saturation polarization and remnant polarization of ferroelectric ceramic materials, Ag nanoparticles were added to prepare “nano-multiphase ferroelectric ceramics based on metal nanoparticles/ferroelectric ceramics”; Such as nano alumina (AL2O3)/PZT, nano zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)/PZT and other nano composite ferroelectric ceramics to reduce the original ferroelectric material k31 and increase the fracture toughness; the nano piezoelectric materials and polymers together to obtain nano piezoelectric composite material. This time we are going to study the preparation of piezoelectric ceramics by compounding nano piezoelectric powders with nano organic additives, and then studying the changes in piezoelectric properties and dielectric properties.

Expecting more and more applications of nanoparticles material in the piezoelectric ceramics!

Keywords: nano BaTiO3 powder, Barium Titanate Nanoparticles (BaTiO3), Barium Titanate Nanopowder, Zirconium Oxide Nanoparticles

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