In Honor of Women’s History Month S.L.U.G.N the Magazine Presents New Single, “Give It To Me”

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In Honor of Women’s History Month S.L.U.G.N the Magazine Presents New Single, “Give It To Me”

April 12
13:18 2021
In Honor of Women’s History Month S.L.U.G.N the Magazine Presents New Single, "Give It To Me"

Women’s history month is a time of reflecting at the struggles and efforts that women have showcased to reach their current position in society. While it is a remembrance of the struggles that have already occurred, it is also a reminder that much more is yet to be accomplished. This is why many people honor the month in their own unique ways. S.L.U.G.N the Magazine, known for their efforts for uplifting women in the entertainment industry, recently announced their new single “Give It To Me”.

The magazine stated that this new single was made in honor of Women’s History Month. Debuting on the 9th of March, 2021, the single features a dynamic trio of young, aspiring musicians such as DJ Montana and Cashmere. The energetic single was proud to have had many women both in front and behind the camera, such as the female producer Vicki Selekh. Other notable production members included @Studio2020Chicago and @thegreatestpromoteronearth. The track was made in association with @crazyhouseaudio. S.L.U.G.N felt that such a unique moment in history could only be brought to life through a single such as “Give it to me”.

The track makes use of reggae/reggaton motifs and is burning with zeal and excitement. It is a song that goes out to all women and will likely be appreciated by many. The Afro beat is inspired from African dance sensations. The track is now live on all platforms and has even amassed over a million views on Instagram alone. The popularity of the song even reached radio, with LISA LIS of VBZ Radio playing it on air within just hours of its release.

S.L.U.G.N the Magazine stated that they are pleased with the popularity of the track. As part of their commitment to assist people in need, they will be donating a part of the proceedings to close business associates in Brazil, in their effort to fight against COVID.

About S.L.U.G.N the Magazine:

S.L.U.G.N the Magazine is an international print and online magazine that is focused on women empowerment and gender. The magazine is headed by a group of reliable women who come from all walks of life. Together, they are restructuring the narrative of movements that aim to empower women and ensure that they receive equal rights. Their main goal is to ensure that people remain aware of the latest happenings and are able to take part. With topics discussing music, lifestyle, urban lifestyle and women’s wear, there is a little something for everyone in S.L.U.G.N the magazine.

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