Empower Business Group founder Cecelia Nowlin offers guide on how to build a business from the ground up

February 02
01:36 2021
Empower Business Group specializes in business workshops, speaking events, and education material to help new and struggling entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Dallas, Texas, United States – Cecelia, owner and founder of Empower Business Group is a startup coach, author, and public speaker. Cecelia’s expertise has been in teaching new entrepreneurs how to start successful businesses based on her personal experiences.

Being a ‘self-taught’ entrepreneur, she owns multiple businesses and understands the importance of creating a business with the key foundational principles needed to become successful. As an author, she has been featured in “The Women of Africa Magazine” and ‘The LoA Magazine” for her book “The Ultimate Guide to Women Entrepreneurs.” She was also featured as a female business owner in “The Chronicles Too Magazine” and the “RealShePowerMagazine.”

Cecelia’s passion as a speaker, a mentor, and a business coach for new business owners all came from once being a new business owner herself. Her new book “The Secret to Entrepreneurship for Newbies” was created to help newbie entrepreneurs with the key steps of starting a new business. It was her ‘self-taught’ experience of trial and error that enabled her to author several books that help young entrepreneurs today.

Other than her 2021 book release, Cecelia is offering online classes from February of this year to help new entrepreneurs identify and explore the 7 critical areas for a new business. Her workshops, training, and soon to begin online classes are crafted to help people turn their ideas into businesses of their dreams. According to Cecelia herself, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, but by the obstacles, one has overcome while trying to succeed.”

Her latest book “Business Basics for New Entrepreneurs” teaches entrepreneurs how to finally learn the seven simple steps to simplify starting a new business. It provides direction and focus while aligning a system that is easy to follow with results guaranteed. Overall, it is a blueprint that eliminates being overwhelmed and trying to figure out what is next. The actionable content provided in the book is something that entrepreneurs can put into use immediately and achieve clarity in their decision making.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can book services through the Business Empower Group website and find their way in the world of business. Services offered include one on one coaching sessions, virtual group mentoring with a group of 4-6 entrepreneurs, coaching and mentoring for high school young entrepreneurs, as well as virtual coaching educational programs which include virtual workshops for entrepreneurs.

With Business Empower Group, starting a new business will not seem like a bumpy roller coaster ride because it is designed for new entrepreneurs to take charge of their situation and work with what they have, eventually leading them towards the path of success. 

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