Learning What It Takes to Get Hired with Olga Etkina

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Learning What It Takes to Get Hired with Olga Etkina

January 29
00:27 2021
Learning What It Takes to Get Hired with Olga Etkina

Landing the perfect job is a constant dilemma for many aspiring employees today. Different organizations maintain various standards and require diverse skills and qualifications, making the job-hunting experience even more challenging. There are, however, common qualifications that most companies look for in the people they intend to hire, and this is what Olga Etkina teaches her clients knowing exactly what it takes to get hired. 

Olga Etkina is a career expert and educator who has vast experience when it comes to the hiring process. Her area of expertise includes preparing individuals to impress interviewers by giving compelling answers, presenting their value add, and revealing characteristics that employers really look for. 

Olga is the founder of Black Swan Careers and the creator of Cultivate Career Authority Workshop. Prior to creating Cultivate Career Authority, she spent the most part of her career building out teams for companies such as ClassPass, Morgan Stanley, Chief, and Goldman Sachs, among others. On their behalf, Olga has hired thousands of individuals and negotiated numerous offers. 

“I have spent a decade working in some of the top companies in the world. I was very hands-on when it came to building out their teams and interview infrastructures. I know what companies and hiring managers are looking for because I’ve been partnering with them my whole career. I also know, firsthand, what it’s like to suffer from interview anxiety and imposter syndrome. I know how lonely and isolating this can be,” Olga Etkina explains. 

Aside from her rich work experience, Olga also struggled with social anxiety most of her life, making her well-versed when it comes to the common challenges people face before going to a job interview. She has been held back by the crippling effects of self-doubt, thinking that she wasn’t good enough for her career aspirations and fearing that she would be tagged as a fraud. Eventually, she decided to make intentional efforts to overcome her anxiety and live her best life. 

Through Cultivate Career Authority, Olga offers a six-week intensive workshop designed to help anxious individuals develop self-confidence and master interview and salary negotiation skills. She imparts practical and applicable techniques to overcome their fears, draw strength from their inner being, and make the most of every opportunity to connect with the right company. 

Olga sees Cultivate Career Authority becoming an effective and helpful vehicle for individuals who want to experience growth in their professional careers. In the next five years, she sees her company empowering hundreds of thousands of individuals from all over the world through group coaching, 1:1 coaching, and on-demand self-paced curriculum. 

Ultimately, Olga Etkina does what she does best to encourage people suffering from self-doubt and make them realize that they are not alone in their struggle. She provides a safe community where people can get the peer support that they need as they connect with others who are going through similar challenges. Through Olga’s help, Cultivate Career Authority students are able to use tools and resources that help them achieve their life goals and propel their careers upward. 

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