Catholic Holy Land Tours: Truly Unforgettable According to

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Catholic Holy Land Tours: Truly Unforgettable According to

January 15
08:02 2021
Catholic Holy Land Tours: Truly Unforgettable According to

There are probably few things that would excite a person of faith more than the prospect of a tour to the Holy Land. And why not? For the faithful, the Holy Land is not only where its call began, but what the story of faith is all about. Everything there and everything that has or is happening there points to Christ. Christians are in such a unique position to fully appreciate everything that is the Holy Land, but so few make even one trip to see where their faith started.

According to, there has never been a time when visiting the Holy Land made more sense, or was easier in terms of both time and opportunity. If one is still wondering, check this blog here.

A Tour From an Eternal Perspective

People of faith who visit the Holy Land have a perspective that almost no one else has. After all, to see the Sea of Galilee is one thing, but to see it with the backdrop of what happened on that water during the stormy night with Jesus and Peter is something truly unique. And what about traveling to Jerusalem, knowing that the Christ made his entrance there atop the back of an ass? And what about the Tomb of Joseph and the life-changing event that happened there on that Easter morning so many years ago?

After visiting the Holy land and taking it in from the perspective of actually being there, one will gain a perspective of how many wonderful things happened in one place. Not only that, but neither the place of the people has changed very much in the last 2,000 years, so one can understand how close everything is to everything else. And how much everything affects everything else.

The World Keeps Turning

A lot has happened in the world since that day 2,000 years ago when God revealed Himself and his plan for humanity. But for those who have toured the Holy Land with Immanuel-Tours, those experiences have the power to ignite their faith like never before. 

Marvel at the timeless beauty of Israel on this virtual tour and see for oneself why so many people come to see what this is about. After a Holy Land tour, nothing one has ever read in the bible will read quite the same. And from the time one visits the Holy Land, the Bible won’t say the same thing again. One can get an entirely new perspective on the Scriptures when one has been there.

Today, one can get the information one needs to make a decision on visiting the Holy Land and literally giving one a whole new life.  And why not? A trip to the Holy Land isn’t just a regular vacation. It’s an opportunity to see oneself from the perspective of the people who gave oner faith its life. Come to the Holy Land today to see how different one will feel after the visit of a lifetime.

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