SJRP Helping to Pave the Way to Successful Addiction Recovery, Through Scientific Holistic Treatment in the Lap of Nature

December 08
23:57 2020
Situated by the side of picturesque Crescent Lake, the SJRP rehab facility offers scientifically proven, holistic addiction recovery treatment. At SJRP, a customized care and innovative treatment approach is utilized for every individual client, as they enjoy the benefits of the facility’s panoramic natural ambience.

FL, United States – December 8, 2020 – Over 21 million people in the USA suffer from a substance use disorder or addiction, with the Sunshine State is proving to be much more susceptible to this alarming health crisis than many of the other state in the country. As an answer to this ongoing crisis, Crescent City-based St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), has assured the public community, to do all they can to help with the successful treatment and recovery of individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, through the use of their own cutting-edge, scientific-based holistic treatment programs. Located amid idyllic natural surroundings, the recovery center offers a versatile range of treatment therapies for almost all major addiction issues. 

SJRP houses a state-of-the-art medical detox and residential alcohol and drug rehab facility, that guides individuals through the entire curve of the healing and recovery process from start to finish. What separates SJRP from other addiction recovery centers, is its scientific / holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. The facility has developed a versatile rehab program, that combines the scientific approaches of varied conventional therapy treatments and modalities, with holistic therapy approaches and personalized care. 

“Addiction affects the entire body system, hence why treatment of just one aspect of your body won’t be enough to get rid of the problem as a whole. In that light, we have developed our unique comprehensive treatment program, which addresses the needs of the whole person, to include treating the body, mind and spirit. It’s this holistic approach which enables us to treat the root cause of addiction, and its dangerous damages in their entirety”, stated a leading spokesperson from SJRP.

“Our doors are open to patients with any level of addiction severity issues, who are looking forward to starting a new life. Your past experiences do not matter here, we are here to empower you to fight the for yourself, your opportunity to live a better life and overcome your long standing battle with addiction. We will support you with the necessary treatment, tools and care at every stage of your recovery process. We also assure you that you specific treatment program will be completely customized to your own individual needs, so that each client’s needs can be addressed at their best.”

The Crescent City-based addiction recovery center caters to almost all kinds of addiction issues, including but not limited to; alcohol, opioid, heroin, cocaine, prescription pills, methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD, marijuana and so much more. The SJRP treatment facility also works to care for those who suffer from co-occurring disorders and have dual diagnoses. 

SJRP specializes in a variety of different services, in all of the major targeted aspects of the addiction treatment and recovery process. From drug and alcohol medical detox treatment, to inpatient rehab services, outpatient programs and aftercare treatment, to medication-assisted treatments and more, the facility offers it all. 

“We promise you a medically-monitored, safe and effective detox procedure to help you get rid of alcohol and/or drugs from your body’s system initially. Unlike regular recovery centers, that practice limitations in regard to use of medications, we stress the great importance of inclusion ‘comfort meds’ in our detox treatment. Comfort meds can play a huge role in the recovery process, their absence only making clients feel more disturbed and restless during the withdrawal process. The aim is not to make the clients suffer unnecessarily–they have already suffered a lot and we are here only to make the road to recovery as convenient and comfortable as possible”, the SJRP spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also stressed the importance of extending best in-network inpatient alcohol and drug rehab options in Florida. SJRP’s inpatient rehab center offers multi-tiered opportunities that enable clients to develop a renewed sense of focus and purpose in life, as well as experience both mental and physical improvement and healing. Clients are provided with comfortable, contemporary rooms, 24/7 medical care and state-of-the-art amenities such as a golf course, basketball court, music stage, video games, cards and much, much more. 

“Our inpatient center offers our clients excellent opportunities to re-acclimate to society, allowing them to heal amid warm climates and benefit from a community where they will have friendly company and great exposure to sunlight–it’s a wonderful health and mood booster.”

When asked about the therapies that SJRP offers, the spokesperson detailed a list of treatment therapies that work for both individual and group sessions, including. 

Features of Group Therapy –

  • Therapy conducted by expert in-house clinical team.
  • Additional sessions offered by outside therapists.
  • Weekly treatment schedules, covering expressive therapy, team building, neuro-integration therapy and interpersonal process groups.
  • Off-campus therapy programs offered to create an engaging experience for clients.
  • Daily offered therapy sessions and services.

Features of Individual Therapy –

  • Therapy session run by expert in-house clinical team.
  • Customized treatment approach based on specific needs of the client.
  • No client is limited to 2 hours of dedicated individual therapy every week.
  • Treatment approach is defined by counsellors and medical team, not by insurance.
  • One-on-One treatment offered on request and as per specific recovery needs of the client.

SJRP also offers a wide range of alternative treatments, including animal-assisted therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, music therapy, relapse prevention therapy, massage therapy and so on. 

“The transformation from addiction to recovery is an elaborate process, and it begins with breaking down those self-constructed barriers within the psyche, that prevent a person from getting rid of the menacing issue of addiction. Our therapies are scientifically designed to break down these hidden barriers, to pave the road for a smoother recovery. The process can be challenging and time-consuming, but we believe our exclusive blend of clinical intervention and engaging therapeutic sessions would help our clients to look past these barriers. We offer both group and individual therapy sessions to enable our clients to look forward to healing and recovery,” the spokesperson continued. 

Another major benefit of SJRP is surely its panoramic location. Nestled by the side of the beautiful Crescent Lake, SJRP offers a place for solace and retreat, amid tranquil surroundings. The recovery facility spans across a sprawling area of picturesque vegetation, flanked by wild flowers and peaceful trees. Also, being a small town, Crescent City is far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life, which further helps to maintain a relaxing, calm environment for treatment of traumatic issues like addiction.

“Our serene and picturesque location serves as another plus to our treatment programs. We were enamoured by the natural scenic splendour of Crescent City, and there could not be a better place to establish our recovery center. Being far away from maddening crowds, this lovely little town presents a safe and tranquil environment that inspires and nurtures healing and relaxation—its the ideal ambience for an addiction treatment sanctuary. Add on to it the abundant Florida sunshine as well as the warm temperatures of the Sunshine State, which keeps you energetic and ready for outdoor activities all the time to sweat out your blues, and you have the makings of the perfect healing retreat.”

The SJRP website is bustling with rave reviews from a long line of happy clients –

“Words cannot even express the gratitude I have for SJRP.  I am a new woman today with a second chance on life. I am beyond grateful, especially for Cat and the staff who loved me back to life. A lot of discovery about myself took place at SJRP so that a lot of recovery can start. Love you all.” – Kristin C.

“SJRP honestly saved my life! When I first came in I was lost, confused and broken. Their staff and counsellors showed me love and a new way to live. My life has changed completely, I have been happy and clean since leaving SJRP!!“ – Tommy O.

About St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP)

Located in Crescent City, Florida, St. John’s Recovery Place is a leading full-service drug and alcohol rehab center. The facility follows a customized and holistic treatment approach and offers a wide range of treatment therapies, in both group and individual therapy sessions.

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