New revolutionary camera app shows the fastest and most convenient way to capture from smartphones

December 08
23:51 2020
Powered by Haptic Zones Technology, CAMAPP is the world’s first camera app to assure the fastest and the easiest way to capture video or take photos in a flash.

December 8, 2020 – No more missing out on capturing golden moments due to delay in finding the shutter button located at the bottom of your smartphone screen. Leading tech firm Haptic Zones Technology has launched a groundbreaking camera app that allows users to capture video or snap a photo in a flash by simply holding or double-tapping anywhere on their smartphone display screen. Titled “CAMAPP”, the app is the fastest and most convenient camera app in the world, set to be released in 2021.    

The USP of CAMAPP is its patented Haptic Zones Technology. Haptic Zones refer to specific areas on touchscreen camera interfaces that are programmed to respond to specific preset actions. Now, the new innovative Haptic Zones Technology enables preset actions to change from one haptic zone to another in an instant and in real-time, while a user is recording a video or taking a photo. 

“Timing is key when you have to record the most precious moments of your life. But, with smartphone cameras, regular camera apps or social media apps, we are forced to follow an outdated method of capturing a video/photo where we have to go all the way to the bottom of the touchscreen to find the tiny shutter button to capture video/photo on our mobile devices. It’s a time-consuming process and often makes us miss out on the golden moments.  It takes even more time when you have to switch from video recording to photo capture if you wish to take photos in between the recording. The whole process is rigid, low-accessible and totally absurd. Haven’t you always wanted an easier and faster way to capture videos and photos from your smartphone? Well, this is where our revolutionary CAMAPP and its patented Haptic Zones Technology come in”, stated Ken Poindexter Jr., the leading spokesperson from Haptic Zones.

“Powered by our patented Haptic Zones Technology, CAMAPP assures the fastest and easiest way to capture videos or take photos by simply double-tapping or holding anywhere on your camera display screen. Put simply, with CAMAPP, you won’t need to waste your precious time by searching for that little shutter button located at the bottom of the display screen of your phone.”

Top features of CAMAPP: 

  • Allows to record video in a snap by simply holding anywhere on your display screen.
  • Allows to take photos in a flash by double-tapping anywhere on your display screen.
  • Enables to zoom on any object in seconds by enabling you to simply pinch anywhere on your display screen.
  • Allows to auto-focus on any object quickly with just a single tap on your display screen.
  • Enables to toggle from video recording to capturing a photo by simply double tapping on the display screen during your video recording process.
  • Allows to record video selfies with your back camera.
  • Patented Multi-Haptic Zones Technology enables you in real-time to add sounds, effects, filters and a variety of augmented reality objects to your videos during your recording process.   

“CAMAPP powered by Haptic Zones Technology is all set to revolutionize the age-old time-consuming process of capturing videos and photos on smartphones. We are looking forward to collaborating with tech companies who would be interested in licensing our technology for their mobile cameras.” 

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