Small Business Owner on Overcoming Obstacles and Perseverance

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Small Business Owner on Overcoming Obstacles and Perseverance

December 07
13:36 2020
Small Business Owner on Overcoming Obstacles and Perseverance

Despite opening his own business in the middle of a pandemic, Frank Kholani refuses to be defined by his struggles. As early as his teenage years, Frank was met with many obstacles. He struggled to keep up with his classmates in school and lacked the determination to succeed academically. Due to this lack of motivation, combined with the pressure he felt from his family, Frank began to suffer from suicidal thoughts. Prior to relocating to the United States, he even had a relative attempt to send him to a religious hostel where the underachievers from his country were placed. “I was the guy who was the dumbest kid in my family,” Frank says. “Nobody thought I could make it in life.”
Frank immigrated to the United States from Hyderabad, India in 2011. Although this move brought him several new opportunities, he was also presented with new difficulties. Frank hit rock bottom in 2014. Without food to eat, he quickly decided he would need to work hard to build a business from the ground up. “I’m working so hard so I don’t have to see that day again,” he says.
Motivated to change his life, Frank began by working in one store to gain customer service experience. He soon transitioned to working for three different businesses and started learning business practices from Youtube videos. With this newfound knowledge, Frank got into the wholesale business. “I would treat it like a billion dollar company,” Frank says. “I would take losses to get the customer happy.”
At first, this transition was difficult for Frank. “Time management was one of the biggest challenges,” Frank says. “I would only have a few hours here and there and barely had time for a personal life.” Despite this, the customers kept coming back and Frank’s endeavor continued to grow until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020. Frank knew that he would have to pivot in order to remain successful. “To me, success is not stopping your hustle or passion,” he says. “The moment you stop will be your downfall.” Although he could have let these obstacles stop him, Frank was once again determined to turn a negative into a positive. Soon, Frank saw an opportunity in the essential needs industry. He combined a smoke shop and essential products into one store, opening Frank’s Spot in August. His advice to others who want to launch their own business? “Keep going, no matter what they say.”
Frank believes in going the extra mile and a half for each and every customer. While opening a business in the middle of a pandemic has many challenges of its own, this mentality has made all the difference in Frank’s success. “Even if it’s one customer being mistreated, that makes a huge impact,” he says. “You have to make it seem like the best operation out there.”
Frank Kholani opened Frank’s Spot in August 2020 and hopes to turn this business into a franchise in the near future.

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