‘Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World: America 2020’ is an Eye-Opening Account of Constitutional Disregard

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‘Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World: America 2020’ is an Eye-Opening Account of Constitutional Disregard

November 26
16:06 2020

November 26th, 2020 From disregard of the US constitution to the police brutalities on the streets, the latest work by the Black author, Patricia Yunghanns, is a lucid account of what all is wrong with the race equation in America. Published through Lominy Books, “Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World: America 2020” will open the eyes of every reader to a wider context in which to place and understand race relations in the United States since its inception right down to the times of the pandemic.

Yunghanns begins the book with a message she wrote to five prominent Black public figures including Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. In the message, Yunghanns brought out several facts she had observed, including the way the government was not obeying its laws. Another major observation was how Amendment IX of the Bill of Rights was being broken.

The Constitutional Laws of the US are intended to limit government power and put constraints on it, just as legislative laws are meant to constrain the citizens. This structure creates the rule of law that is essential to enjoying freedoms. 

The first part of the work is devoted to reflections on the value of a Black woman and is followed by reflections on why the Blacks were freed from slavery. Among the topics and issues examined are the definition of equality in America, changes in ownership of slaves, the impact of voting, punishment for disobedience, and attempts of the government to take away freedom. 

These reflections are a part of voicing my grievances or complaints directed towards our government. My reflections might seem quite legal and historical. That is because I have found that at the root of the problems that I mention, including my own, is a law at the mercy of uncontrolled political thinking,” says Patricia Yunghanns.

“Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World” is an intensely thought-provoking work. The reader will find themselves asking the questions it raises, such as “Why have we failed to negotiate our freedoms?”, and explore insightful topics such as the philosopher Rousseau’s description of the slavery paradox, enforcement of punishment, and the changes that senators need to bring in their attitudes. The more near to home topics such as harassment, crackdowns, and impact on Black women are also well covered.

Yunghanns writes for a YouTube news channel, “Human Rights News by Patricia Yunghanns”. Yunghanns is a working author with a deep interest in science and philosophy in the form of fiction and as seen in the context of evolutionary history. She began writing poetry at fifteen and has published a drink recipe in a cookbook. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, a written dissertation in philosophy, and a Magistère from the Sorbonne. Yunghanns is also a dedicated charity volunteer. Her other works are ‘A Brief History of Change’, and ‘The Origin of Awareness’.

“Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World: America 2020” by Patricia Yunghanns is now being released.

For more information, please visit: www.Patriciayunghannsauthor.com

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