Best Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs During Disasters

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Best Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs During Disasters

November 26
07:12 2020

Many people believe that eco-friendly light bulbs are an anathema to emergency preparedness or disaster readiness. There’s a common misconception that eco-friendly gadgets and electronics are always sensitive or fragile, but that’s not the case.

Boundery™ – a company founded on principles of innovation, safety, security and quality – has proven this assumption wrong. They’ve created two of the best eco-friendly light bulbs to use during disasters.

EBULB™ Emergency Power LED Light Bulb

Boundery’s first example is their EBULB™ – the perfect emergency powerLED light bulb that utilizes a built-in and rechargeable lithium-ion battery installed in the base for extra power.

It works simply and ingeniously. As soon as there’s a power outage, EBULB™ will automatically detect the interruption in power and engage the backup lithium-ion battery. This ensures that a home, a room, garage, or any other space can be adequately illuminated even if power has gone out around the block or throughout one’s city. Even better, EBULB™ is built to last for quite a long time.

But just how long is that? On a single charge, EBULB™ will last for up to six hours of uninterrupted light, and it can recharge as soon as the power comes back on. 

But why is this bulb eco-friendly? It uses 80% less energy than normal and incandescent light bulbs. At the same time, EBULB™ isn’t weaker than a regular light bulb – it produces light equivalent to a normal 60 W LED bulb, but only uses 9 W of energy by comparison.

Night2Day Smart Safety Bulb

Boundery™ hasn’t stopped with EBULB™. They also offer the Night2Day™ Smart Safety LED Bulb. This affordable and effective LED light bulb utilizes a special built-in sensor that automatically turns on when  the sun goes down. The same sensor turns the light bulb off when the sun comes up.

This saves energy in two ways: it prevents residents from having to remember to turn a light on and off, potentially saving energy if they were to forget to turn it off and leave it on all day. For another, it utilizes only 8 W of energy, but produces the same amount of light as a 100 W bulb.

Like the Boundery™ EBULB™, this smart bulb uses up to 80% less energy compared to regular incandescent bulbs.

By installing these bulbs throughout the home, the owner or resident benefits from having emergency-ready and set-and-forget lights that don’t need attention to maintain energy efficiency. Both bulbs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient right out of the box!

Are Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs Really Worthwhile?

Absolutely! As anyone can see from looking at the two options above, Boundery™ eco-friendly light bulbs produce the same amount of light as wasteful bulbs. Boundery™ specifically designed these bulbs so that folks wouldn’t have to make any concessions or compromises in terms of light quality or illumination. Most people can agree that there’s nothing quite as annoying as a flickering light bulb that doesn’t adequately illuminate the way to the car or living room!

Eco-friendly light bulbs are worthwhile to most people, especially since they can potentially save lots of money on one’s energy bill at the end of the month.

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