Espresso Translations Discloses Best Ways to Obtain a Flawless Translation

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Espresso Translations Discloses Best Ways to Obtain a Flawless Translation

November 25
08:45 2020
Espresso Translations Discloses Best Ways to Obtain a Flawless Translation
Recently, Espresso Translations, London, unveiled the top ways that small and large businesses can get documents translated into another language with impeccable accuracy.

London, England – 25 November, 2020 – Espresso Translations, a world-wide translation service based in London, England, just itemized ways that successful companies can be assured they are getting a precise translation of their business documents.

Sealing a deal based on documents written in an unfamiliar language can be tricky and stressful.  With all the world-wide business done in today’s economy, it is vitally important to get a perfect translation before signing documents. Using a company that employs translators all over the world can be incredibly important.

Espresso Translations stressed that the most important quality to check for in a translation service is fluency.  When a translator converts a document into a particular language, there can be several ways that a particular sentence can be translated.  This is why it is crucially important that the translator be fluent in both languages.  

In the same way, it is best if the translator is a native speaker. There are cultural differences in all languages and a good translator will be aware of those differences when choosing which words to use, particularly when two words are very similar.

A significantly important quality of an excellent translator is familiarity with the industry.  When the translator spends most of their time translating medical documents, a medical company can be more assured of getting excellent translations.  Translators who work with medical terms all the time will turn out a much better document than someone who rarely does medical translations.

In the same way, a translator who works all the time in the legal field will produce a document that is of much better quality than someone who has no familiarity with specific legal terms. This aspect of translation holds true across all industries since all industries have their own jargon.

Most business owners don’t think of this aspect, but it is also important to choose a translation service that provides several verification checks on their work. The translation service should first check the work for spelling and grammar. Then a good translation service will use a different, fully-qualified translator to proofread the work of the first translator.  

Expresso Services remarked that a top-rated translation service will also provide transcription services.  When a small or a large business needs to know exactly what happened in a meeting that was held on the other side of the world, in a different language, a good translation service can transcribe from the audio/video.

With an accurate transcription, a business can be confident that they know exactly what was discussed and what conclusions were drawn. Since the transcription service undergoes the same verifications checks as the translation service, the business owner can be sure that the conversations were accurately reported.

About Espresso Translations

Espresso Translations was founded in 2011 by Danilo and Niki in London, England. Over time they have grown to a worldwide translation provider with over 2000 translators working in over 150 different languages. They also hold ISO Certification for translation quality standards.  

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