Tarmim Khan: Empathy Queen™ Transforming Lives via Emotional Intelligence Coaching Sessions

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Tarmim Khan: Empathy Queen™ Transforming Lives via Emotional Intelligence Coaching Sessions

November 23
18:36 2020
Tarmim Khan: Empathy Queen™ Transforming Lives via Emotional Intelligence Coaching Sessions

The problem with being too kind is that people often misunderstand, mistreat, or take advantage of it. Tarmim Khan, the founder of  Empathy Queen™, has always been proud of being an empathetic person, yet from a young age, she has always been misunderstood and mistreated. 

Tarmim Khan is an American-born citizen with a Bengali heritage. She grew up in a community where her South-Asian ethnicity and Islamic religion were highly looked down upon. Everywhere Khan went, she was judged, harassed, and bullied. From grade school to college, Khan endured discrimination and bullying for embracing her authentic self and relishing her passions, skills, and abilities.

She had been through hell and back on countless occasions, coming back stronger each time. It was with morals, values, and an ambitious mindset that Khan was able to persevere through it all. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and English and later obtained a certification in therapy and counseling. 

Tarmim Khan utilized her learnings and Emotional Intelligence to turn her messes into messages. She took her learnings from her personal experiences and professional expertise to uplift and empower people to blossom from their personal battles, leading them to bring out their best individual selves. Khan created her brand Empathy Queen™, to improve people’s mental health through increasing their emotional quotient (EQ) levels by learning, developing, and mastering Emotional Intelligence to achieve success in relationships and all aspects of life the same way she did. 

With Empathy Queen™, Khan provides Emotional Intelligence training for businesses to exceed goals through cultivating a productive and healthy work culture.  Furthermore, she invites individuals on a personal development journey to live authentically and become their best selves by having one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom to develop and master Emotional Intelligence. Combining her expertise of years of being a counselor and therapist, Khan provides a tailored individualized approach for each client to reach the utmost growth and fulfillment.

The Emotional intelligence Coach is a firm believer that experiences shape people in different ways enforcing her unique individualized approach. Tarmim Khan provides free consultations to answer any questions and determine an excellent mutual fit. She believes that establishing a strong coach-client relationship is crucial in reaching their potential.

Building her brand on social media, namely Instagram, Tarmim Khan has generated an audience of over 5k. She has also closed over ten clients, nationally and internationally. To make her services accessible and to be easily contacted, Khan holds her sessions via Zoom to allow anyone looking to improve their relationships and overall life/well-being. Empathy Queen™ has even caught the attention of an Academy in France where she has been working as a leader and moderator to teach students about Emotional Intelligence. Khan has also been featured in multiple podcasts in the U.S, Canada, UK, India and even South Africa! Furthermore, she has led multiple workshops and summits here in the United States — all within less than six months of launching her business.

Tarmim Khan has already achieved so much in such a short period of time, but she still has her sights on going beyond. She hopes to get the opportunity to stand on stage and inspire individuals by giving motivational speeches to uplift and empower people of all ages and backgrounds, nationally and internationally.

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