G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta has Made Strong Development.

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G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta has Made Strong Development.

November 12
05:27 2020

Since this year, led by the national strategic development in the Yangtze River delta regional integration, G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta has always focused on the strategic positioning of “Science and technology innovation + industry”, and it is paying attention to the epidemic prevention and control as well as co-development, which drives the present industrial cluster agglomeration development, the free flow of scientific and technological innovation elements and co-development of industry and city integration. It has brought out a high – quality integrated development “Acceleration”.

The Yangtze River Delta region has developed a manufacturing industry and strong capital strength, but the imbalance of scientific and technological resources restricts the transformation and upgrading of many enterprises. For this purpose, nine cities in G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta take the initiative to break down barriers and promote the free flow of innovation factors. Yangtze river delta G60 Jinhua (Shanghai) science and technology innovation center project is one of the vivid practices. It integrates industry incubation, scientific and technological innovation, investment promotion and talent recruitment.

Besides, with the integration of ideas and measures of breaking the administrative barriers, it enhances the policy coordination, makes elements in the smooth flow, changes the single flow into circulation flow, improves the ability of controlling the industrial chain and supply chain. “Through the agglomeration of head enterprises in various regions, a new integrated development model of R&D incubation in Shanghai and manufacturing production in the local area will be formed to accelerate the great circulation of nine cities and create an important engine for the integrated high-quality development of G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta in the new development pattern,” Wang Ping, Secretary and Director of Science and technology Innovation Development Office of SONGJIANG · SHANGHAI District, said.    

Enterprises are the main part of innovation, and the leading enterprises are the key to realize the high-end development of industrial clusters and the important starting point to promote the integration of nine cities and the co-development of regions. G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta actively promotes the cross-regional development of the leading enterprises, vertically arranges the industrial chain, and promotes the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain as well as large, medium and small enterprises.

The continuous entry of head enterprises has also injected a more powerful development engine into G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta, which has produced a “strong magnetic field” effect, attracting more high-quality enterprises to gather in nine cities and seek ways to develop together. Up to now, there are 1280 head enterprises in nine cities, and 13 industrial alliances and 11 industrial cooperation demonstration parks with head enterprises as the flagship have been established, which forms a development pattern of leading, chain extension and cluster progress.

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