Tristen Larsen, Founder Of Is Providing Restaurants With Measurable and Predictable Strategies To Bring In New Customers

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Tristen Larsen, Founder Of Is Providing Restaurants With Measurable and Predictable Strategies To Bring In New Customers

October 27
15:27 2020

Tristen Larsen, a 22-year-old, polymath, entrepreneur, and growth strategy expert is helping restaurant owners navigate the present tumultuous times and drive revenue through his company’s Hybrid Restaurant Model. Growing up, Larsen struggled with depression and behavioral problems. When he was just 14, his parent’s divorce caused his already poor behavior to further spiral out of control. He recalls the exact moment that he realized the role he played in both his present actions and future decisions. He decided then to take control of his actions and behavior and began harnessing each negative thought and replacing it with a positive thought. The realization that he could control his thoughts, actions, and outcomes was revolutionary. 

Shortly thereafter, he saw an advertisement from business guru and self-development coach, Tai Lopez. Drawing upon Lopez’s training, Larsen began to dabble in social media ads and e-commerce. He found the courage to start his own e-commerce business while on the precipice of starting college. Although that business failed during his freshman year of college. Larsen had awakened to the realization that although that business was not the right fit, neither was college. He decided to purchase a $1000 course, an investment that required nearly half his savings, and immersed himself into learning all he could about starting a social media agency. 

In his first few months, Larsen landed 8 clients and then lost them all because his strategies simply weren’t delivering. Humbled, Larsen realized he still had more to learn and that if he wanted to be successful he needed to make a real change. He packed his bags and moved to Arizona where he moved in with 3 other entrepreneurs. During this time, Larsen spent hours learning all he could about online marketing, he invested in other courses and attended various conferences around the country. In addition to his personal learning, Larsen implemented these three habits that he credits to his success today. 

  1. He changed his environment. For young entrepreneurs, used to working a certain type of job or having a salaried position, the shift from routine work to self-employment can be difficult. According to Larsen, “Your environment is more powerful than your will power.” He suggests leaving home, and the habits that often come with your personal space, to go to an environment where you have no option but to work on the things that you need to work on. 

  2. He meditated and self-reflected daily. Larsen found that meditating helped him improve his focus. “To be successful you need to sit down and do the work, not distract yourself with something that feels like work but actually isn’t.” However, this requires incredible focus. It takes discipline, but starting the day with the mediation will pay off. Larsen acknowledges that although self-reflection can be painful, it is necessary to understand the negative thoughts that plague us all. “Our lives are a reflection of how we think. Change your thoughts to change your life.” 

  3. He read books from people who were where he wanted to be & religiously studied billionaires. When Larsen started studying the most successful people in the world and reading about billionaires, suddenly his goals seemed easy in comparison to their goals. Larsen suggests setting small goals, and continuously setting larger goals as your confidence and ambitions grow. 

After taking a season for growth and reflection, Larsen emerged stronger than ever before. He founded Recipe 4 Revenue and began working with restaurant owners to scale their business and drive sales. In the last four years, he’s served over 330 restaurants and enabled his clients to see a massive return on investment. When COVID-19 rocked the restaurant industry in early 2020, Larsen realized he needed to pivot to best serve his clients. Larsen worked tirelessly to deliver a strategy that would allow restaurants to not only remain afloat but emerge from COVID-19 even more successful than before. He soon had an idea for a hybrid restaurant model and founded His strategy saw instant results. Restaurant owners could employ a predictable and measurable marketing strategy for generating online and instore orders. 

Larsen’s method utilizes Facebook ads that drive traffic directly to the restaurant’s online ordering system and then tracks online food sales. This system allows restaurant owners to directly correlate revenue with ad costs. In addition to an uptick in online ordering sales, restaurant owners also reported seeing an increase of new in-store customers, these were individuals who had seen the ad, and this impression had resulted in a desire to visit the store in person. 

In 2020, consumer behavior changed and continues to shift, amidst the pandemic. The restaurants that pivot their strategies and employ new techniques will emerge on top. Larsen and his team at are prepared to come alongside restaurant owners and equip them with the tools and strategies to continue to scale a business, beat out competitors, and acquire customers in the most effective way possible.

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