Take a look upon UK Visa Appeal and Administrative Review

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Take a look upon UK Visa Appeal and Administrative Review

October 21
12:24 2020

To avoid visa appeals, a person with the requisite expertise and immigration experience should prepare visa application thoroughly. Seemingly, irrelevant or incorrect information or omissions on a visa application will result in the denial of a visa. Visa applicants should also take every possible step to ensure that reputable immigration agencies or consultants are used. This avoids turning down the discontent of a visa. Not to mention the time and expenditure involved in reapplying for or filing a visa.

If the decision to UK visa appeal refusal has been reached, the request must be prepared in full. The planning will include a full assessment of the documentation and evidence submitted an evaluation of reasons for rejection, the drafting of grounds for appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal, the drafting of witness statements, the completion of the appeal form and the collection of a set of appeals. The appeal is then filed with the Immigration Tribunal and subsequently served on the Home Office.

Clients and even other legal practitioners frequently cut corners while appealing against their failure to issue a visa. Typically, this is going to be one of:

  • Preparing very basic grounds for appeal without taking full account of the grounds for refusal
  • Jump into appeal without exploring other avenues enough
  • Failure to plan an entire list of appeals with the relevant documents

What clients have to understand is that it is not the appeal itself that matters, but rather the fact that it must be their best effort to reverse the decision in the shortest time possible.

If people are denied a UK visa, an Administrative Examination is a way to challenge the Home Office’s decision. A Home Office official will review the applications for individuals. However, it is important to note that they cannot submit any new evidence at the time of the application to challenge the decision or satisfy the shortcomings. An administrative review is different from appealing a ruling on the right of appeal on a visa. The Home Office calls an administrative review while the court considers an appeal. A management analysis encourages people to criticize the errors or failures of the home office and not to doubt the logic behind the rejection.

Also, there is no right of appeal for certain types of visas such as the UK business visa-which means that an administrative examination is the only choice in those situations. The method of reviewing a visa decision varies depending on whether people are outside of the UK, in the UK or if their visa has been revoked at the border. If the visa application is rejected, they will receive a notice from the Home Office outlining why this decision has been taken and whether individuals have the option of an administrative review of the decision. If no right of appeal has been given to citizens, they may request Administrative Review from within the UK. The deadline to apply for an Administrative Review is 14 days from the decision being taken. If they have been in custody, submit within 7 days. The cost is £ 80, for this process.

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