Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair: The Best Massage Experience for an Active Lifestyle

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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair: The Best Massage Experience for an Active Lifestyle

October 13
01:03 2020

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a fitting debut environment for the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair. As Ben Bloch, the author of the article titled, The Best of CES, published on csq.com, correctly notes the following:

With the Supreme Hybrid, Daiwa + Rotai introduced a new category in the massage chair space: a hybrid model that combines an inversion stretch chair with an L-shaped massage track.”

What is an active lifestyle?

Before looking at the benefits of owning the Supreme Hybrid massage chair, here is a succinct definition of an active lifestyle as it is relevant to this discussion.

In summary, an active lifestyle is a way of living where each day includes physical activity. Juxtapositionally, a sedentary lifestyle is where very little activity takes place during the day. An excellent example of a sedentary lifestyle is an individual employed in a capacity where the requirement is to sit behind a computer for most of the day. On the other hand, an active lifestyle example is a person who works outdoors on a construction site. There is very little time to relax and sit down.

Now that the foundation for providing a cohesive argument why this Daiwa massage chair is a great product, let’s consider the chair’s different features and how it will provide the best massage experience for an active lifestyle.

1. HybriFlex™: A flexible massage track

HybriFlex™, a trademarked technology that describes an L-shaped “flexible massage track that arches backward over 50°,” is designed to improve the chair’s inversion stretch function. The massage track length of a standard inversion stretch chair is usually between 26 and 28 inches. The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair’s massage track is 49 inches long.

This chair’s L-track is actually a combination of an S-track and an L-track.

What is the different between these two tracks?

The L-track is an expansion of the S-track. The S-track starts at the neck and ends at the lower back. On the other hand, the L track extends from the next right down to the glutes or hamstrings.

Inversion therapy is a massage technique where the human body is suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain. The combination of the HybriFlex™ feature and the inversion stretch function, this chair offers a full body deep stretch similar to a yoga stretch; thereby, stretching out the spine and reducing back pain working all day outdoors.

This functionality also plays a vital role in the office worker’s or desk-bound employees’ physical health because the attached muscles often compress the spinal vertebrae because of poor posture while sitting behind a desk or hunched over a laptop or mobile device.

Inversion therapy opens up the chest by realigning the ribs and vertebra, allowing the lungs to take in more air and absorb more air oxygen, improving the body’s blood oxygen levels, and increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the body’s organs and cells.

2. FullBodyReach™: 6D roller system

The FullBodyReach™ feature is yet another unique trademark utilized in the latest Daiwa massage chairs.

The 6D roller system is built on the successes of the 3D and 4D roller systems.

The 3D rollers move up, down, and out. Essentially, it allows the rollers to extend between 8 and 10 centimeters more from their original position on the massage track. This allows the rollers to extend their reach, resulting in a more human-like massage.

The 4D rollers protrude even further out than the 3D rollers. They also move up and down, sideways, and back and forth. The 4D roller system also includes speed and style variations, improving the massage strength, depth, and delivery. This function is particularly beneficial for people that have back and shoulder pain.

The 6D roller system retains the functionality of the 4D roller system. Additionally, the 6D rollers are separated into two different elements, resulting in a therapeutic, human-like massage across the upper back and shoulders and the lower back and legs simultaneously.

Therefore, this feature is great for relaxing tired muscles and improving blood flow to the areas massaged after a long day at work.

The 6D roller system’s ability to provide a soothing, gentle massage is also valuable in that by relaxing tight muscles, and it provides stress relief. It improves blood flow to the body, improving mood, and overall human health.

Stress relief as a primary function of this massage chair plays a vital role in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Full body airbag massage function

Partnered with the HybriFlex™ and the FullBodyReach™ features, the Supreme Hybrid massage chair also has 50 built-in airbags, resulting in a soothing massage due to the rhythmic inflation and deflation of these airbags. Airbags are also found in the extendable leg rest, massaging leg, calf, and ankle muscles, relieving tension and increasing circulation.

The increase in blood circulation in the human body is covered by all of these functions. It is often highlighted that blood circulation is one of the quintessential and essential functions of the human body. Blood flows through the body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the entire body and removing waste products from the cells and organs.

Consequently, the better the blood circulation in the human body, the higher the body’s optimal functioning, and the greater the human health, both physical and mental.

Final thoughts

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