As the Harvest Season Begins, It’s Important to Be Ready With the Right Equipment

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As the Harvest Season Begins, It’s Important to Be Ready With the Right Equipment

October 10
11:36 2020
As the Harvest Season Begins, It's Important to Be Ready With the Right Equipment

Autumn has officially arrived. Though it hasn’t completely taken hold in California and Nevada just yet, it’s certainly beginning to make itself known. Mornings and evenings are beginning to show just the slightest nip of cooler weather, and the leaves will soon launch into their vibrant color transitions. For farms across the area, all this means it’s time for all the hard work of the previous months to begin paying off. Of course, plenty of work lies ahead during the annual harvest.

Having the Right Equipment on Hand

Essential farming equipment varies depending on the size of the farm and the crops being harvested. For the area’s famous vineyards, farmhands and shears could be considered the most valuable tool available. Vibrating plate trailers and hoppers foster the process as well. If almonds or walnuts are ripe for the picking, tree shakers, nut sweepers, and harvesters simplify and speed up the process significantly. Regardless of the type of equipment you need, you’ll find many of the essential components at

Understanding the Importance of Rubber Components

On the surface, most farm equipment appears to be mainly comprised of metal. Though this is certainly a primary material in the composition of tractors, harvesters, and many other types of machinery, there’s far more than meets the eye. Underneath the rugged exterior, quite a few of the essential parts are comprised of various types of rubber or plastic. Those looking for rubber or plastic components or more information on them can visit

Any number of belts are involved in the agricultural industry as well. They range from the narrow versions that turn pulleys and keep the machinery running to the wider conveyor belts that carry produce to trucks and bins. If one breaks or becomes frayed, it can cause serious issues when harvest time comes around. Dry rot is also a serious problem. Though it can affect many crops, it often takes its toll on rubber components as well.

Supplying Local Farms with the Rubber Components They Need

Having supplied rubber and plastic components to members of numerous industries in California and Nevada since 1958, California Industrial Rubber Co. is a leader in its field. The company continues to grow and provide new products for clients in its service area. 

Staying a Step Ahead of the Game

Being ready for harvest season means having the right equipment on hand. It also means being prepared for any problems that might present themselves. Be sure to check your equipment and all its components before you’re ready to gather the season’s crops. Consider ordering extra replacement parts before the need arises, so you’ll experience as little downtime as possible. 

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