Innovative Face Mask on Kickstarter Combines Comfort With Safety

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Innovative Face Mask on Kickstarter Combines Comfort With Safety

October 06
01:33 2020

The Nuventi Active Mask is making waves on the global crowdfunding platform with its unique design, assuring optimum protection against hazardous particles and bacteria even with long-term wear.

San Francisco-based brand Nuventi has recently launched an ingenious mask on Kickstarter that puts an end to all your common mask woes without compromising safety. Titled “Nuventi Active Mask,” it is equipped with UVC purification, FDA-approved filters, quiet fans, and an anti-fog face shield.

The USP of the Nuventi Active Mask lies in its breakthrough design, which combines the comfort quotient with multiple layers of air-purifying and cleansing active components. This includes UV-C, medical-grade filtering, face safeguard, and positive air pressure room.

“With COVID-19 cases on the rise, masks have become more than indispensable today. But regular masks can be uncomfortable for long-term wear and pose serious challenges like breathing troubles, foggy eyes, and skin bruises. Moreover, they only add to landfill waste, and the disposable ones are one of the biggest sources of contamination. Put simply, with regular masks; we are constantly in a dilemma whether to choose comfort or safety. This is where our innovative Nuventi Active Mask comes to the rescue. It’s the FIRST mask ever to combine comfort and clean air and is strategically designed to eliminate all the issues faced with regular masks,” stated a leading spokesperson from Nuventi.

The comfort quotient:

  • Nothing covers or touches the face
  • Facilitates easy communication even while wearing the mask
  • No pressure is put on the face
  • Won’t fog up glasses
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Long time of consistent operation
  • More economical compared to regular disposable masks

The safety quotient:

The Nuventi Active Mask stands out with four levels of air purification and cleansing that is not available in any other mask on the market today. The four levels of cleansing components are:

1. A medical-grade filter with super quiet fans, which removes hazardous particles up to 99.9%

2. UV-C light removes harmful pollutants from the air

3. Positive air pressure extends extra barriers by blocking out hazardous environmental elements 

4. Face shield helps block harsh UV rays from reaching the eyes and harming the skin

The mask also comes with a customizable airflow control knob, which enables wearers to enjoy fresh air in absolute comfort.

“We are overwhelmed with the huge response we have received from our supporters at Kickstarter, and it only shows Nuventi Active Mask is ‘the’ mask that we all have been waiting for. We are looking for mass production now, and it’s our earnest request to you all to keep up your generous support so that we can produce in bigger batches and reach out to people on a broader scale.”

Backers will be rewarded with special discounts on Nuventi Active Mask packages.

To show your support for the campaign, visit Kickstarter today.

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