WeHelpTrees Invests Double Into Reforesting California after the Wildfires

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WeHelpTrees Invests Double Into Reforesting California after the Wildfires

September 25
01:51 2020
Aiming to plant more trees to bring back the forests in California

NEW YORK – September 24, 2020 – WeHelpTrees.com announced their decision today to continue with their initiative to plant double the number of trees in California, at least until the end of 2020, following the terrible wildfires threatening natural reserves and wildlife.

“We couldn’t stay indifferent to this situation. It is devastating to see how these beautiful forests across California are burning while millions of animals are dying. So we made the decision to help even more and invest double the amount of trees in California,” said WeHelpTrees’ CEO Dee Kay.

WeHelpTrees’ mission is to reforest the planet, tree by tree. For this to be possible, they sell handcrafted bracelets, and for every bracelet they sell, they plant a tree and feed a child in need in the Andes of Peru with a meal for one day.

They plant trees in over 17 countries in four continents thanks to local planting partners, including places like Guatemala, Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti, the Philippines, etc. However, because of the current wildfires, all of their efforts go now to California to help relieve the Okaffected areas.

Trees are one of the most important assets on the planet. They help balance the climate, clean the air, and most of all, they produce the oxygen we all need. Trees are probably the only thing necessary to all species on Earth, from insects to huge whales.

In fact,” mentioned Kay, “supporting reforestation is one of the best ways that we can help the environment recover from a loss of forests and biodiversity. It doesn’t matter if it was caused by humans or by natural forces.

By planting two trees instead of one, WeHelpTrees expects to speed up the healing process of the seriously damaged forests in California.

Finally, Kay said, “During the past two weeks we’ve seen an increase of the orders. People from all over the world are responding. It’s so encouraging to see how many amazing people are committed to our planet, and we are still expecting many others to join, and never stop planting trees.”

The trees are planted by local partner organizations and community volunteers in areas where there has been deforestation.

To learn more about these partnerships, please visit https://www.wehelptrees.com/pages/partners

About WeHelpTrees

WeHelpTrees is an initiative founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who, after years of successful ventures, felt emptiness in the usual way businesses are done just with a monetary purpose in mind. After almost two years of searching for a meaningful way to impact their communities, they found that helping with reforestation is one of the most meaningful ways to give back to our only planet.

Since then, the WeHelpTrees team took seriously everything related to the impact of trees in our environment and decided take this initiative to the next level and start actively helping to plant as many trees as they possibly can.

You can learn more about them by visiting https://www.wehelptrees.com/pages/impact

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