With Microsoft Teaming Up with Leading Chinese Startup, AI-Based Smart Car Produced at the End of This Year

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With Microsoft Teaming Up with Leading Chinese Startup, AI-Based Smart Car Produced at the End of This Year

August 21
01:58 2020

With the development of communication technologies, Internet of Things (IoV) and big data, and artificial intelligence is becoming pervasive in our daily lives. However, compared to AI applied to smart phones, AI in cars is still not that advanced or mature. People nowadays can use the voice control function on their phones to save the trouble of typing. But for cars, very few are even installed with a voice user interface. Tesla has initiated a revolution in the field of smart cars, but its voice interaction function is always complained about by its users. Now, Microsoft’s emotional driving assistant based on AI has finally been integrated on the HiPhi models of the Chinese technology company Human Horizons, which will hopefully change this situation.

Microsoft has accumulated a lot of experience in artificial intelligence, and has been going neck to neck with Google and Amazon in terms of technological advancement. On July 10, 2020, at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit, Yongdong Wang, Head of Microsoft’s Internet Engineering Institute, and Ding Lei, CEO of Human Horizons—an innovative mobility technology company from China, announced that the two parties have reached a strategic cooperation agreement and will jointly develop the world’s first active AI-based driving assistant—the HiPhiGo, which will first be landed on the HiPhi X—the first model of the HiPhi series. The two parties also carried out a deep dialogue regarding the role of AI in the sustainable development of cities. The application of artificial intelligence is expected to become one of the major breakthroughs in the automotive industry, and it will be the driving force of many high-tech industries. Human Horizons attaches importance to it and is bent on bring more user-friendly driving experience for drivers.

It is understood that in the future, HiPhi cars with HiPhiGo will not only possess a level of reasoning, but will also have the ability to actively perceive users, cater to users’ demands, and even customize the functions and driving modes for its owner, thus making it a veritable intelligent car in the true sense. At the same time, relying on Microsoft’s XiaoIce artificial intelligence technology, the cooperation between Microsoft and Human Horizons will provide solutions in a wide range of issues regarding the AI application in modern transportation, with the aim of providing travelers with higher-end, more comfortable and smarter travel experience.

Ding Lei, CEO and Founder of Human Horizons, describes the partnership with Microsoft as “a win-win alliance for the future of the smart car industry”. The HiPhi X will also be the first car set for mass production equipped with multiple leading AI technologies. It is epoch-making not only in the sense that it shows people the realistic solutions of an AI-based smart car in operation, but also gives people confidence by making them believe that the application of AI in smart cars is no longer a pie in the sky.

On August 11, 2020, Human Horizons announced that its first all-electric model, the HiPhi X, would officially go on the market after this year’s International Car Show held in Beijing. The HiPhi X will become the world’s first smart car fitted with evolutionary capabilities, meaning that it can continuously update itself through AI-based self-learning.

The HiPhi X a smart car that has been given high expectations by insiders, is currently in the testing phase and it is progressing steadily. This time with Microsoft’s strong technical support, Human Horizons is bound to make more innovative advances and provide customers with a more personalized and interactive experience. It is reported that this mass-produced car will be produced in small volumes by the end of this year and will be officially on the market in 2021. With the blessing of artificial intelligence and so many eye-popping features, the HiPhi X may well become a dark horse on the international automotive market.

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