Video Report: Why The Peerlogix Streaming-Video Viewership Platform Can Transform The Broadcast Ratings Industry – And Leave Nielsen Holdings In The Foreground

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Video Report: Why The Peerlogix Streaming-Video Viewership Platform Can Transform The Broadcast Ratings Industry – And Leave Nielsen Holdings In The Foreground

July 29
08:38 2020

Peerlogix (OTCPINK: LOGXmay be a micro-cap stock in stature, but the platform they have built and currently commercializing can transform the multi-billion-dollar broadcast rating industry. Since 2014, Peerlogix has recognized an opportunity that many never saw coming – the monumental shift in how viewers enjoy their video content.

With that shift comes opportunity from viewers replacing traditional cable broadcast options with alternative choices from streaming-video channels like Pluto TV, a streaming-video platform purchased by Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAC) in 2019 for $340 million. And with other major platforms developing, Peerlogix is taking its opportunity from the other side of the business. Its strategy is to leverage and earn money from its innovative next-generation, patent-protected, streaming-data collection platform to provide a comprehensive real-time analytics package to entertainment and investment professionals. 

Competitively speaking, Peerlogix provides one of the only analytical data packages that provide meaningful and actionable information to help executives make informed multi-million dollar decisions from reports that are updated daily and provide real-time forecasting analysis. It’s an advantage that may protect the competitive landscape for the foreseeable future.

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A $42 Billion Market Opportunity

The market potential for Peerlogix is enormous, reaching more than $42.6 billion in 2019. And future sector estimates are bullish with expectations for the market to increase by more than 20.4% annually through 2027. Those projections are putting advertisers, programmers, and even hedge-fund managers on notice that the rules are changing related to targeting the right demographics and making informed decisions about programming and investments. Peerlogix can provide precisely what they need.

Peerlogix is already creating and selling real-time analytical data sets that provide a comprehensive analysis to guide ad-spends, content purchasing, and investment decisions. Reports are not generated from the roughly 22,000 that Nielsen Holdings (NYSE: NLSN) uses in its calculations but instead from more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies across more than 180 MILLION households as streamed on virtually all of the mid and long-tail OTT networks. That reach has helped Peerlogix build a massive collection of historical and current content data used in its proprietary algorithms to generate unique data output.

It has also positioned Peerlogix as the pioneer in the streaming data collection space that is serving up an invaluable tool to its growing and broad range of users. And, it won’t be easy for others to ride Peerlogix’s coattails, pointing to its platform being patent protected for data collection processes, OTT database integration, and insight development algorithms. Not only does that protection make the barriers to entry high for potential competitors, but its IP portfolio on its own is a value-creating asset that can drive growth in the coming quarters. 

Monetizing Information

The biggest asset that Peerlogix sells is “information,” a commodity that can earn its weight in gold. In the streaming viewership data collection space, Peerlogix completes an information loop by observing, cataloging, and analyzing a massive amount of raw OTT viewership data. Once the information is collected, it is collated and packaged into unique data-set packages, both pre-constructed and customized, to create actionable value across an evolving and expanding set of industries. Those reports provide updated data each day and can identify trends in their earliest stages. 

That data is especially important to media buyers, who purchase and utilize Peerlogix’s OTT viewership data to target advertising campaigns directly to households streaming OTT TV shows and movies. It’s a critical tool that allows users to base purchasing decisions on real-time viewership behaviors that take into account the entire spectrum of ‘cord-cutters’ as targeted advertising audiences across the digital advertising landscape. Remember, too, the report is generated from more than 180,000,000 households (180 million) – not the small 22,000 that facilitates billion in spending activity.

Peerlogix also offers a “content acquisition insights” analytics package that targets business from larger OTT platforms. Pluto TV, for example, can leverage PeerLogix’s streaming viewership data to analyze content and programming demand trends worldwide to drive content procurement and purchasing decisions. Knowing that real-time data is crucial for measured growth, Peerlogix’s combination of real-time and historical data can be critical to their profitability, and it enables them to generate a better return on content investment. Additionally, the unique platform offers users an opportunity to buy content low and sell high, using proprietary algorithms that can spot growth in viewership demand and potentially drive the highest number of subscribers with the least amount of churn.

Entertainment Investment Insights – A Substantial Market Opportunity

The platform’s “entertainment investment insights” deliver valuable real-time information to investment companies looking for company trends. In that respect, consider the advantage an investment fund would have if they had public details on major entertainment and service providers before it hit the market. With Peerlogix, they can get it. 

As an example, in July, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) reported what the street considered disappointing earnings. Subsequently, the stock lost roughly $19 billion of its market cap over the next four days. Obviously, those results were a surprise to some Wall Street investors. But, perhaps not to all – the Peerlogix platform may have kept some clients in the black by showing real-time trends for almost every major broadcaster. And that information could have been worth billions to a fund trading the long side of Netflix.

Hence, the future application of this package can be a lucrative market for Peerlogix.

Growth In A Burgeoning Market

The platform comes across as simple, but that’s far from accurate. The critical data is generated from complex algorithms that have proven to be predictive of viewership trends on subscription and non-subscription streaming service platforms. It also unlocks significant insights for those focused on investing in companies with substantial streaming services assets or in those entertainment companies creating video content.

In the near-term, the Peerlogix monetization model targets three distinct market opportunities, and each can contribute to creating a robust revenue model. However, when combined, a powerful revenue opportunity emerges and exposes a current Peerlogix market-cap that may grossly understate its underlying market potential.

Thus, at roughly seven cents per share, there appears to be considerable value yet to be credited. And in an industry that is about to recognize that it will need current and accurate viewership data to survive, it may also see that Peerlogix may be their best option for help.


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