Corebooks seeks to help tech startups recover from Covid 19 economic damages

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Corebooks seeks to help tech startups recover from Covid 19 economic damages

July 27
10:43 2020
Corebooks seeks to help tech startups recover from Covid 19 economic damages
Dedicated offshore engineering and consulting from a team of experts in creating technology at a fraction of the time and normal costs.

Due to the Covid 19 many startups have had to let go of excellent engineers all around the world, delay their deliveries and stop the life cycle of their products, most Startups cannot survive for more than 3 months without income or re-generate long-term relationships with their development team.

Since last March 11, the US big start-ups have cut more than 44,000 jobs due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Uber, Groupon and Airbnb have made the hardest adjustments. Small and medium-sized businesses have taken even bigger hits to their payroll cutting almost all non essential development roles.

Through Corebooks Engine, a service that combines dedicated offshore engineering and consulting from an expert team in creating technology for ventures such as Apps, Drones, or Gadgets, the company has launched a service that claims to reduce the costs of technology development by up to 10 times and be up to 4 times faster creating technology against a traditional team of engineers and even more against custom software development companies who has even higher legal risks and expenses.

The service selects the best-trained engineers from across Latin America for each type of startup and integrates into the company’s day-to-day remotely, which is no longer a service but rather a healthcare and logistics necessity. An engineer from Latin America can be up to 20 times cheaper but the necessary formality and competitiveness have been a brake for many startups so far. Many engineers have chosen to serve as a freelancer at specialized sites, but the experience still leaves much to be desired for both parties.

Corebooks seeks to help entrepreneurs by integrating financial and administrative automation tools to their apps, lowering their operating costs and giving access to capital through its Crowdfunding and Crowdequity platform that already operates under the regulations of Mexico and Latin America and will soon be available for America too.

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