Scholarships at a top International School in Tianjin: Opening Doors to New Worlds of Opportunity

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Scholarships at a top International School in Tianjin: Opening Doors to New Worlds of Opportunity

April 27
21:18 2020

Wellington College International Tianjin is proud to sponsor a range of high-value scholarships across the school. The most prestigious academic award is the Shuping scholarship, granted annually to a young person from the local community who has been adjudged to be of outstanding intellectual potential. This award alone is worth up to 110% of the fees at Wellington and is a powerful indication of the value of promoting access to the educational programmes at one of the premier Tianjin international schools.

Scholarships at a top International School in Tianjin: Opening Doors to New Worlds of Opportunity

Academic, arts, music and sports scholarships

Scholarships at a top International School in Tianjin: Opening Doors to New Worlds of Opportunity

There are further scholarships available, ranging from those awards which recognise academic ability (ranging from 10-100% of the tuition fees) to others which are aimed at supporting students with exceptional gifts in sport, music, art, design, and drama. This premier Tianjin international school also offers a special elite athlete award for young people of proven international-standard performance levels in sport.

“My teachers here at Wellington College International Tianjin have helped me immensely. They provide me with many opportunities to show my talent and how to best discover my potential. I always have the openness in class to express myself and l have learned a great deal from this experience. Meanwhile, the school cares about our wellbeing and this helps me to improve and, measure effectively my study and life balance. We have learned how to face difficulties and deal with stress. Here at Wellington I really feel the caring attitude at the school and realise in education and learning there is much more than just teaching knowledge.”
– August, Year 12, Scholarship awardee 2019

“One of the most interesting aspects of my learning in Year 12 at Wellington College International Tianjin is how to successfully prepare for the application process to universities. From this year, my subject teachers have taken me on an educational journey of success focusing my attention on the key points, from my A-Level tests and exams to the progress and preparation for university entrance examinations. They have encouraged me to pre-study some A-Level subjects in advance so that I will have more time to prepare for interviews in Year 13. Even though the school is closed currently due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, we are still actively learning and prepping with online training for interviews and engaging in classes. These recent events have taught me the importance of being prepared at all times for any eventuality. Therefore, I’m striving to put extra effort into reading more information to help me when applying to universities.”
– Ted, Year 12, Scholarship awardee 2019

Scholarships at a top International School in Tianjin: Opening Doors to New Worlds of Opportunity

Scholarships represent more than simply the school’s recognition of high ability and outstanding potential. They offer a pathway to new opportunities in life. Many young people of exceptional merit are daunted by the difficulty of accessing education such as that offered here at Wellington College. This is recognised by this top international school in Tianjin which seeks to offer a route to elite international education through a range of scholarship programmes. From its establishment in 1859 in Berkshire, England, Wellington College has sought to offer a variety of scholarships to children with exceptional gifts who might otherwise not have the opportunity to study in the school. In this way, the school not only fosters young people who will go on to excel at school and university but also helps the school to remain connected with its local community through this form of a social covenant. Scholars gain access to the finest educational resources and teachers, as well as personalised 1-1 support in their learning and their preparation for university. They have the chance to compete in highly prestigious competitions and thus gain recognition on the national and international stage, all whilst supported by Wellington’s rigorous academic and pastoral programmes.

Beyond Wellington, a scholarship offers young people the cachet of the title of ‘scholar’ for university and career applications. By their nature, such scholarships are rare and awarded to only a very few, but that distinction is more than simple financial support. It tells of a deeper story, of a commitment to excellence and ambition on the part of the scholar which gives the title an additional value that cannot be measured in purely monetary terms. The award of a scholarship at Wellington College International Tianjin opens doors that had previously seemed impenetrable and thus offers genuinely life-changing opportunities to those who deserve it most.


This year the College will offer a range of scholarships for prospective students joining our IGCSE and A-level programmes for the 2020/21 academic year.

All external candidates are welcome to apply and will be awarded scholarships based upon their academic prowess, potential, commitment, and values. The candidate must apply for enrolment at the College to be eligible for the Scholarship Programme.

How to Apply

For information on these scholarships and further details on the eligibility and application process, please contact the admission office in the first instance.

[email protected]

Scholarship Hotlines

(+86) 187-2248-7836

(+86) 136-4200-4609

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