Teacher Launches Free Online Learning Tools for Non-native English Speakers in Quarantine

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Teacher Launches Free Online Learning Tools for Non-native English Speakers in Quarantine

April 22
22:06 2020
Female education entrepreneur running a successful online learning platform that is currently helping millions of people around the world advance their English speaking skills through real-life scenarios.

CALIFORNIA – April 22, 2020 – Gabby is the founder of GoNaturalEnglish.com, which helps millions of people, globally, increase their fluency in English with her uniquely designed online English courses, as well as her free online resources, found on her YouTube channel with almost two million subscribers, her podcast, Go Natural English, and her website which receives 150,000 unique page views a month. Wallace has been running her online learning center for almost ten years and has gained massive influence in both the online learning community and on social media for her invaluable educational content, including How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English [9 Tips], How to Pronounce 25 JOBS in English, and 56 Mins! Complete Go Natural English Course SAMPLE, and more recently Coronavirus – How to Talk about it in English | Practice Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs. With these tools, Gabby has helped students and professionals in research, diplomacy, marketing, sales, pharmaceutical sciences, and business. And now Gabby has put together Stay At Home: Learn English, a collection of lessons learners can easily access as a free course while staying safe at home.

Wallace has trained over 10,000 students through her specialized digital education platform, Go Natural English, and millions through her free content. With her amassed 20 years of extensive training in teaching English as a second language in combination with 9 years of online teaching experience, and Master’s in education; Gabby has a keen understanding of what drives a successful learning environment in the macrocosm of digital education. However, it’s in Gabby’s natural approach to her courses that differentiates both herself and her business from other online English courses and teachers. The main factors that set GoNaturalEnglish.com apart from other online English courses include; flexibility, having a community of international Learners, and lessons designed for intermediate to advanced English learners. 

In addition, Wallace separates herself further by offering asynchronous feedback via email and an active Facebook group. What makes Go Natural English natural, is its structured lessons that focus on how speaking occurs on an everyday basis and how English learners interact with language in a genuine environment. It is tailored for conversation and useful communication, as opposed to English lessons manufactured for textbooks, which often place perfection over practical communication. Wallace accomplishes this by providing a flexible and collective learning environment. For example, if a student is learning English fluency, they may excel in writing, but perform poorly in speaking. The student can then freely begin the course with a speaking lesson that aligns with his or her specific needs and goals. Wallace recognizes that this kind of pace, and empowerment to choose, is crucial for students to learn effectively. When students are met with patience and understanding, their willingness to take practical initiatives and to independently seek and utilize resources increases. It maximizes their ability to learn new information and apply it effectively in everyday situations. As Wallace states, “You learn [a language] by doing, which means making mistakes, falling on your face, and improving a little each time. It’s really an exercise in boldness and resilience.”

Gabby Wallace has an optimistic vision for the future of education, anchored on the belief that everyone deserves to have their message be heard clearly. With the recent mass shift to web-based learning – now is the time to focus on methods that benefit the best online learning and teaching practices. Gabby Wallace has been innovating over the years, as well as today, to lead the charge in online learning for English. As she insisted in her TEDx talk, “the most valuable thing that has come out of all of this, is creating an international community, encouraging that connection.”

For more information please visit gonaturalenglish.com 

Youtube: Go Natural English 

TEDx: Small Steps to Reach the World

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