Michael J. Watts’ Book Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad Called A “Study On The Power Of Change”

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Michael J. Watts’ Book Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad Called A “Study On The Power Of Change”

April 17
21:00 2020

April 17th, 2020 Mr. Michael J. Watts had a story worth telling in his hands – and he wasted no time putting pen to paper and sharing it with the world. The resulting book, Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad, available on amazon.com, became an instant sensation, capturing the hearts of readers from across the globe with a riveting narrative centering on the theme of redemption and real, transformative change. 

The story takes place throughout the 1950s, and the plot follows a young, strong female protagonist who, fuelled by her loving, tender nature and kind heart, takes a troubled youngster under her wing, and, in what seem like impossible circumstances, “sets him right”.

An excerpt from Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad reads “The courtroom door opened and his mother came over tearfully to his cell door and whispered, “They found him guilty” “Good lord” Mike said. “How could they” It was incredible. Don was returned and the court recessed. Their parents went to get them something to eat and upon returning asked to be locked in with their boys. The boys were really in a sweat now. They realized they could receive up to a twenty-year sentence for what they were found guilty of. But no one could understand how they were found guilty. There just wasn’t any evidence.

“Readers have told me that they’ve read the book in one sitting, unable to put it down as one twist followed the other,” said Mr. Watts. “Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad  is really about the reading journey; not the ending I hope that readers can take a lot from what happened to the protagonists, and ponder the duality of right or wrong, and good or bad, and how it applies to our lives as human beings.”

Choices: Right or Wrong Good or Bad is available for purchase in paperback format on amazon.com.

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