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April 10
18:00 2020
In today’s digital era, it is a proven fact that a website plays an important role in the growth of a business. As customers also contribute to a business’ success, their level of satisfaction and experience are key differentiators among competitors.

Businesses need to put their customers in the center to enjoy higher engagement on their websites.

A website’s performance greatly affects a business. If a website is performing poorly, it decreases customer satisfaction and directly hurts the business. Business owners should start focusing more on developing a smooth and enticing customer experience by improving the performance of their business. As a start, they can do this with real-user monitoring.

What is Real User Monitoring?

Real-time user monitoring (RUM) refers to the type of monitoring technology that analyzes the customers’ digital experience and tracks online visitors’ interaction with a website or an application. RUM is also known as real user metrics, real user monitoring, digital experience monitoring, and end-user experience monitoring.

Categorized as a passive form of web monitoring, RUM is used to gauge user experience, including important key metrics, such as transaction paths, page load times, website functionality and responsiveness. RUM is also an important component of application performance management.

How does RUM work?

RUM technology is implemented by embedding a JavaScript code on each page of the website. The script then gathers data from each user as they explore the page. The data is analyzed.

Since RUM collects data points over a wide array of metrics, data visualization can be particularly helpful. Large volumes of data become easily digestible in the form of graphs and charts, which means it is easier to glean actionable insights from them.

Many potential customers expect business websites to load fast or else they will leave and won’t come back. Research shows that if a page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds, the probability of bounce increases by 32% – this is not good for business.

Unfortunately, not all websites perform well. Some business owners have no idea how to improve their website’s performance. This is where steps in.

What is is an online uptime monitoring company that caters to various types of businesses. It provides businesses the necessary tools to monitor critical web infrastructure. The company offers businesses an innovative software to keep them on top of their online presence. is composed of professional individuals who are technically inclined and well-experienced in the industry. The team takes pride in providing customer-focused services as they work tirelessly in creating a highly reliable system for their clients. has built a reputation for providing a reliable web monitoring solution to its clients. Moreover, helps businesses improve their customer experience by enhancing websites with RUM.’s RUM service examines the ease of user interaction on mobile, the cloud, and web-based applications. A performance report is then produced to identify infrastructure issues and troubleshoot them.

It also allows capturing of live sessions and real-time monitoring of user experience across several tiers. This, in turn, can comprehensively monitor pages that users visited, examine response times, and determine where and when a certain page has malfunctioned. The system activates an alert mechanism when serious issues are spotted.

Benefits of’s RUM service

Take a look at how businesses can benefit from RUM:

  •’s RUM service captures performance based on the user’s actual location, connection, and devices. This is important because it identifies the latency issues that users face. 
  • It helps identify hidden issues a single user experiences and highlights issues that are rare in nature.
  •’s RUM service also identifies the usage trends of a website. This allows the utilization of data to predict performance trends as well as business outcomes.
  • With’s RUM service, business owners have the opportunity to experience their applications the way users do. This gives them full visibility of the software performance before their customers use their applications.

A website’s performance indeed has a great business impact and business owners should start enhancing their website performance with’s RUM service.

For a complete list of’s services, visit You can place an order via email at [email protected].

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