Status Charge Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Success through Quality Uptime Monitoring Services

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Status Charge Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Success through Quality Uptime Monitoring Services

April 10
17:58 2020
Information technology has redefined how companies conduct their business. As the world becomes increasingly connected, companies become invariably reliant on new technologies. Most aspects of business operations are treated with IT solutions, especially data handling, exchange transactions, and relationship building.

In this digital age, physical and social barriers have been broken, and businesses need to take advantage of the internet if they hope to survive and achieve long-term success.

One of the most ubiquitous business applications on the internet is a website. In the early days of the internet, a website was a page taken from printed media (no pun intended). In terms of design and function, websites were like static posters. They identified a business and provided contact information and directions to get to an actual brick-and-mortar place.

Websites today function more than just giving businesses a token internet presence. More than just providing basic information about a company, they perform as a platform for viewing business portfolios, company directories, marketing and promotions, customer engagement and support, goods exchange and financial transactions. In short, websites today are more than just about the business. In a lot of cases, they are the business.

In contrast to a physical office or an actual store, websites are just programs that are executed by machines. Making websites available on the internet is web hosting services. If a business is dependent on its website, then it is mission-critical for a web host to provide unfaltering service. But like any machine, service failure will always be a possibility.

How possible? Odds are slim – as web hosting services present it. Most web hosting services guarantee at least 99.95% uptime reliability. This looks good on paper, and a downtime chance of 0.05% seems like zero, statistically speaking. Which is good right? Not quite. Computing the numbers will show that, in a month, 0.05% downtime is about 22 minutes. It’s possible to have almost half an hour of continuous downtime.

How bad is 22 minutes downtime? That will depend on how those minutes are dispersed, the volume of sales per unit time and when those minutes happen – because a business day would have peak and lull sales times. But studies show that, on average, businesses are set to lose a few hundred thousand dollars per minute of downtime, and millions for large-scale enterprises. This does not account for the negative effect of website downtimes on a business’s brand and reputation, which has far more lasting consequences.

It’s a lot to take in, and so businesses must choose an uptime monitoring service provider that takes to heart the business impact of downtimes and how important early detection is to maximize the potential of web-based businesses for success. One such provider is Status Charge.

Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services can help businesses spot early signs of downtimes. Its monitoring systems can detect various issues that cause loss of website access. One of the more common causes of downtime is a traffic spike. This is when a web hosting server gets bogged down by the sheer number of visitors (users requesting web access). A sudden surge in traffic coupled with inadequate resource allocation can render a website unavailable.

Status Charge can detect this uptrend and quickly report the finding to clients so they can initiate fixes and adjustments to the server.

Status Charge can also alert clients about other issues, such as scheduled system maintenance, network issues, hacker attacks on websites, web hosting server issues, or programming issues with the website itself. Status Charge performs several tests for website accessibility, including ping tests, trace routing, line latency tests, DNS translations, and data center compliance measures.

Status Charge also performs its network tests from different server locations around the world. Tests are performed a few times per hour (and much more frequently, depending on the service package). Findings are reported directly to the client via phone or email.

Status Charge helps entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve success by ensuring that their websites are running as well as they should and that service issues are identified correctly and addressed the soonest.

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Status Charge is an uptime monitoring solution catering to online businesses of all kinds and scale. For more information on its uptime monitoring services, visit For inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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