Certified Spine & Pain Care Announces Sacroiliac Joint Injections

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Certified Spine & Pain Care Announces Sacroiliac Joint Injections

April 08
02:45 2020
Certified Spine & Pain Care Announces Sacroiliac Joint Injections
Local pain management clinic made an announcement today of the addition of a popular new treatment option for their patients effective in treating sacroiliac joint dysfunction. They want to inform people of their many treatment options. Their treatment includes consultation, education and ongoing treatment. The pain clinic boasts a unique approach to addictive medications.

JUPITER, FLORIDA – Certified Spine & Pain Care, a local pain management clinic in Jupiter, FL. announced today another new treatment option they’re offering for patients. They have a multidisciplinary approach to pain control that includes a consultation with a pain management doctor Wellington, comprehensive education on whatever affliction the patient suffers from, and ongoing treatments that are specifically designed for that patient’s individual needs. They offer a safer, more beneficial alternative to the more common, traditional method including prescription medication, which can have unwanted side effects and become addictive. 

This alternative technique includes a variety of multiple different injections and nerve blocks that have proven to be effective in controlling chronic pain, particularly in certain types of common disorders such as disc degeneration disease or herniated discs. There are actually multiple other common conditions which cause chronic pain that have been identified and targeted as benefiting from this kind of treatment option, as well. One of these is called sacroiliac joint dysfunction, a chronic and debilitatingly painful condition. Certified Spine & Pain Care announced today the addition of sacroiliac joint injections, a new treatment being offered for relief from this disorder.

Sacroiliac joint injections are especially beneficial in this particular dysfunction due to their immediate relief from the excruciating pain and their long-lasting effectiveness. Most of the injections offered at Certified Spine & Pain Care are steroids and/or an analgesic medication. They work by reducing the inflammation and irritation, and numbing the pain directly at the affected site. They last a varying amount of time for each patient, but usually from a month to several months for each injection. Injections can also be used to help determine the anatomic structure in the spine that could potentially be the source of pain.

In addition to this information announced today, Certified Spine & Pain Care wants the public to be aware that living with chronic pain can diminish the quality of life significantly, especially without the help of a pain management physician. Even the ability to accomplish simple daily routine tasks can deteriorate to an impossibility, over an amazingly short amount of time. Over 50 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain issues, or one in every five people. The need for pain management wellington clinics has become overwhelming, while opioid addiction has skyrocketed nearly beyond hope. Certified Spine & Pain Care wants people to know they are there to help and provide an alternative to further devastation. They are urging people to call for more information, or for help managing their pain right away.

About Certified Spine & Pain Care 

Certified Spine & Pain Care is a Jupiter pain management clinic that offers a different approach to treatment that is safer and more beneficial than pain medication. Through a variety of injections and nerve blockers that help targeted areas in specific conditions which cause chronic pain, they provide a proven method for relief from this kind of debilitating pain. Their unique approach includes consultation, education and ongoing treatments, striving to greatly reduce pain and restore their patients’ quality of life. For more information or to schedule an appointment, see contact information below.

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Company Name: Certified Spine & Pain Care
Contact Person: Dr. Edwin Maldonado
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Phone: (561) 578-4582
Address:3400 Burns Rd. Suite #101
City: Palm Beach Gardens
State: FL
Country: United States
Website: certifiedspineandpain.com/

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