Precautions for COVID 19 and Their Role in Coping with Epidemic

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Precautions for COVID 19 and Their Role in Coping with Epidemic

April 07
14:03 2020

For the time being, COVID 19 – Corona Virus has emerged as the biggest menace for national and international health and financial security. The epidemic that erupted from Wuhan has now gained ground in more than 200 states of the World. The real worry adds when it comes to knowing that there is no vaccine of the virus that could prevent its harmful effects on the human body.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this viral disease affects the respiratory system of the human body by leaving many other organs damaged. So, in this severest condition, death becomes inevitable. Therefore, up till now, more than 50,000 people all over the World have breathed their last due to this epidemic, and the number is persistently increasing.

Being the biggest health issue, COVID 19 has also taken the form of the biggest financial threat for all over the World. According to American economists, COVID 19 will leave even worse impacts on the economy of the World than the recession of 2008-2009. So, in the wake of this financial threat, each government is issuing economic bailout packages to keep its economy stable.

So, that is the whole condition of COVID 19 and the chaos which it has created in the World. Now, a question comes in mind; is there a way to protect ourselves from this deadly virus?

Yes, of course! As you are well aware of the fact that there is no vaccine available for this viral disease, so being your well-wisher, the Nilkanth Engineering Works has brought some important precautionary measures for you. 

These safety precautions would not only save you from the lethal virus, but you can also save other people by relating them and making them acting upon these safety measures.

Safety Precautions for COVID 19

You might have seen the chaos that is being created all over the world due to this viral disease. But, there is nothing to fear about this virus, as it can be easily avoided by adopting a few essential precautionary measures:

#1. Stay Home and Stay Safe:

Stay Home and Stay Safe is one of the most trending slogans across the world. The most important thing that can keep you safe from COVID 19 is to maintain the specified social distance. As this virus spreads from human beings, so reduced social interaction would inevitably cause to reduce this pandemic. Considering this fact, more than half of the world has locked down their cities and international traveling.

Moreover, maintaining this social distance will not only save you from the virus, but it will also spread the positives vibes from your side, and your dear ones would also try to practice staying at Home.

#2. Use Masks And Hand-Sanitizers:

In this muddled situation, the second most important thing is the proper use of hand sanitizer and mask. Albeit, most part of the world is facing lockdown, but still, if you have to go out for necessary work, you must put on the mask on your face. The N-95 mask or medically certified mask will save you from the virus, as it enters your body through your mouth, nose, or eyes. You also have to avoid touching your face unnecessarily.

Similarly, even if you are at the Home, you have to be frequent in washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer. Washing hands for 20 seconds would reduce the chances of the viral diseases.

#3. Work from Home:

The present situation of the world is that the 3/4rth part of the world is facing a curfew-like situation, and people are not allowed to come out of their homes. So, in the wake of COVID 19, companies should allow their employees to work from Home. Working from Home will reduce the chances of social interaction, and hence you can prevent this dangerous virus.

Moreover, if some of the companies belong to manufacturing and cannot have work done from Home, still, they must not take the risk and shut their business down for the sake of social security. Their act might cause a bit of a problem, but it will be a timely issue.

On the other hand, some of the sectors cannot be closed like banks and hospitals, so their workers should adopt proper safety measures to keep themselves safe.

#4. Immediately Consult Your Doctor In Case Of Symptoms:

This is again one of the most essential safety precautions, which will save your family and dear ones from the virus. In case, you find any of the COVID 19’s symptoms, you must not take a single minute’s delay and go for consulting your doctor. If he proposes screening tests, keep yourself in self-quarantine unless you receive your screening reports.

Similarly, you must not avoid the same circumstances for any of your family members.

How Are We Helping People Fighting Against This Pandemic?

Being one of the rapidly emerging platforms in the field of Concrete Batching plants, Nilkanth Engineering Works is also well aware of its social responsibilities. Considering the sensitivity of the situation, Nilkanth Engineering Works was all set to deal with this menace. So, being a proud Indian company, we took different steps to cope with the menace of COVID 19.

As soon as, we, the Nilkanth Engineering Works came to know about this rapidly evolving Virus, we have started taking actions against the spreading of this Virus. In the mid of January, we distributed face masks and hand sanitizers among the public. This step was taken considering our social responsibilities and awaking people about the deadly Virus.

Our endeavors did not end here. Before the announcement of the curfew from the Indian government, we, the Nilkanth Engineering Works, again distributed face masks and hand sanitizers among the public. Moreover, we are also well aware of the financial conditions of people due to this lockdown, so we distributed packets containing necessary edibles among the people.

Meanwhile, we would like to acknowledge the services paid by our Trust named Saurasth Luhar Gyanti Hitechu Mandal. Our Trust recently presented a cheque of amount 551,000.00 INR to Deputy Chief Minister NitinBhai Patel at his residence in Ahmadabad. This cheque was presented to be spent on the arrangements that are being done to eliminate the Corona Virus from the Society.

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