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The Best Board Games That Every Business Establishment Can Offer To Their Customers

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The Best Board Games That Every Business Establishment Can Offer To Their Customers

February 25
23:24 2020

The best way to enjoy and kill your boredom is to play a classic board game with your friends or family. Regardless of age, we all still get amused and enjoy playing it. If you are a very competitive person, you will enjoy playing board games wherever you are. Today, some businesses offer it as leisure after they order their food, and others make it a company itself. Providing this type of activity is the best idea because customers will always want to do something when they are waiting.

Some pubs and cafes have a lot of board games to offer. It is to ensure that their customers are having the best experience when they are dining or drinking. It is all fun, especially when you and your friends are enjoying it and you all start betting. In this article, we will give you the list and idea of the best board games that every customer will appreciate.


This board game uses a crossword puzzle setup and a standard dictionary. The tiles with the letter are used to form a word in this easy but fantastic board game. If you want to step your game, you might want to use the scrabble word finder to make sure that you have the edge when you are playing.

Tiles with the letter have points in them. The rare letters have significant points, while the common letters have lower scores. You can be rewarded with big points if you have long words and a large vocabulary, and also short words that are made of uncommon letter combinations. You can win if you use all your letter tiles, and the remaining player will be ranked according to how much more letters are left in them, the player with the most letter loses.


Monopoly was first introduced in 1903, and this board game is a multi-player classic. The game involves board, two stacks of cards, set pieces, and a bank of cash. You can start the game by throwing the dice, and you will have to play this game for hours. After moments of playing, the game becomes a jungle of rent to pay or collect, and there are cards to collect with bad and good fortunes. A player can land in jail, and when a full board rotation is up, $200 should be collected.

This American board game is the most iconic. The lesson that this game will teach us is about interpersonal negotiations and financial management skills. You need to handle risk management and know the basic arithmetic. Luck is part of the game, especially when the cards are involved.


Qwirkle is an award-winning game that takes a new approach to tile-laying games. It has 108 colorful pieces that display a mixture of six different shapes in six alternative colors. All players will work to produce a ‘Qwirkle’ by making the tiles from standard attributes of share or color. Players will select six tiles and can put 1-6 tiles in one line of the playing area. You will have award points if the tiles share the same attribute. Players have the privilege to trade tiles and choose more tiles from the elusive stash.

This game is perfect for strategic minds customers for them to enjoy their stay in your establishment.  It is also a combination of puzzles, Tetris, geometric manipulation, and adversarial strategy.  It is perfect for families and friends because of the challenge it brings. The color, sequencing, and pattern recognition have benefits in your critical thinking.


This game started as a paper and pencil game during World War I. Battleship will keep the opponent guessing for that coordinate to hit and successfully sink five enemy ships. The game has two units that work on an x/y axis, with boats of distinct sizes to run the action and monitors the guesses. The players take turns to guess, and the opposing player will notify if you miss or hit. The most crucial part of the game is placing ships before starting.

Battleship is a computer game first in 1979 and has been part of the evolving video games to the present. The players need to pay attention to details and have accurate records to use as an advantage in placing the ships. It’s a beneficial game to improve deductive thinking skills, which will help a player to have better guesses from the previous details.


A customer is the heart of a business. That’s why giving importance to them is a must. It would be best if you made them feel at home and comfortable every time they step into your shop. Making them entertained is an excellent way to make them come again and bring more people with them. The concept of offering entertaining activities, such as board games, is just one of the breakthroughs for the business industry to prosper more.

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