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November 26
00:30 2019

Website visitors are like window shoppers of the online world. They visit a website, sometimes out of curiosity and lightly navigate through the pages, just “looking around”. In and out they go without serious intention for business engagement. Turning window shoppers to buying customers – both in real space and the virtual – is both a numbers game and a craft. Let me explain…

It’s a numbers game because, among the visitors that happen to visit a site, only a few would be truly interested in the offered products and services. Among those interested, even fewer of them can engage in business. Among those who have the purchasing power, even fewer will have the intention to make the purchase, agree to the value proposition of the products and services on offer, and consummate the sale. Just like a lottery game, the more raffle entries there are the more chances of winning a customer.

It’s also a craft. This is when you have mechanisms in place to turn the casual visitor into a serious buyer. A good display will make products enticing. A good description of the products and services or a narrative that would convince a visitor that he needs said product or service on sale. There’s an active selling going on and to paraphrase the classic door-to-door salesman sales-technique: getting visitors is already getting your foot in the door.

What’s being described here is a technique called conversion. It’s like the old school sales talk, now the new school marketing funnels. It draws attention, invites people, it changes their minds, and it turns them into customers. Yes, it’s a craft and it’s a bit of science too. It’s also a measure of a business’s operational performance. When it comes to campaigns that promote high conversion, one name stands above: is a leading online provider of sales and marketing solutions. A good example of these solutions is video sales scriptwriting and production. can create a compelling video sales script that not only increases sales but also promotes and furthers the business’ brand. also offers a host of promotional packages, from a cost-efficient email campaign to a content marketing, up to a custom-designed premium marketing strategy that pulls all the stops: email, content, search engine optimization, lead generation, an aggressive PR campaign, and so much more. services will not only attract people to flock to its client’s business but will predispose visitors into seeking a business engagement. Some call it mental conditioning, pre-conversion, even sales inception. just calls it quality service.

Simply put, the best help available in creating high conversions through marketing campaigns is For more information, take a quick visit to You can also email to [email protected].

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