SEEKCHAIN, The Leading POC Hard Drive Mining Project, Its Main Network Is Officially Launched On November 15th, 2019

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SEEKCHAIN, The Leading POC Hard Drive Mining Project, Its Main Network Is Officially Launched On November 15th, 2019

November 15
15:26 2019

Introduction To Seekchain

SEEK is a new consensus mechanism that uses incremental combustion certification to transform decentralized, low-cost storage resources into a decentralized and trusted financial collaboration platform. At the same time, it is Turing’s complete smart contract platform, supporting anonymous protocols, Defi solution sets, bookkeeping protocols, privatization transactions, autonomous financial organizations, and more.

In short, SEEK is not only responsible for the blockchain application of hard disk resources, but also assumes the platform function of smart contracts.

What Is Unique About SEEKCHAIN In The POC Mining Industry?

SEEK’s first unique feature is the industry’s first economic model of active deflation. In order to mine on the SEEKCAHIN chain, a certain amount of SEEK coins must be destroyed in order to obtain mining rights and extraction rights. The more destroyed, the harder the hard disk capacity, and the higher the permission of the miners.

The second unique feature is the first time the recommendation system is built into the chain. Any successful project must have a solid technical foundation and a broad community ecology and users. SEEK will recommend the mining system to be built into the contract to encourage miners involved in SEEK mining, to bring more new users and build stronger consensus.

The third unique feature is the first launch of multi-ecological mining. Miners can become members of the decentralized financial autonomous organization and enjoy the organization’s revenue share; miners can become market makers of decentralized exchanges and enjoy transaction fee sharing; miners establish private trading alliances to earn revenue through management.

The fourth unique feature is that the block rewards are halved every four years. This design is a tribute to the bitcoin of the blockchain, and it is also the recognition and re-implementation of this halving economic cycle.

These unique features have made SEEKCHAIN an innate condition to become an industry star. The most important active deflation model design is eye-catching. This deflation design allows the circulation of the secondary market to be effectively controlled. Bringing unlimited imagination and space to the value added of SEEK.

SEEKCHAIN was born in the 2019 distributed storage boom. The project is owned by the SEEKCHAIN Foundation in Singapore. The technical team is the blockchain technical advisory team of the Busan Municipal Government of South Korea. The circulation of the project is 970 million. The official definition of the supply of the project coin is: never increase the number of shares, and actively deflation. At present, the circulation of the exchange is only 2 million, so you can bet on SEEK is the golden entrance of the blockchain.

The seek mining that thousands of people looking forward to is finally here!

You didn’t get it wrong, SEEK main network is going online on November 15th, 2019!

The launch of main network represents the start of the mining road, which also means the road towards wealth is open.The bright future era of POC mining is coming soon!

Before this era came, these kinds of methods of SEEK mining you must know and remember:

Mining Machine Mining

As a POC hard disk mining project, SEEK is fundamentally different from GPU mining and chip mining. POC hard disk mining has low energy consumption, low cost, low risk and easy management. The SEEK mining machine home version can be directly taken home, and can be excavated by powering through the network, without worrying about noise and electricity. The mining machine itself is a POC general mining machine, and it also has the characteristics of hard disk, which is a never fail choice.

Regarding the return on investment in mining, you can refer below:

Mining Pool Mining

In the mining blue ocean, many large enterprises or investment institutions that have beliefs in the POC industry have been investing in POCs, which contain unlimited gold and silver-like mines. For these users and organizations, we launched a mine pool incentive program. Becoming a SEEK mine, not only will the mining speed be faster, but you will also be able to enjoy additional rewards in the mining pool.

In addition to mining revenue, the mine pool can receive additional rewards per cycle. 5% of the mortgage destroyed coins are used to reward the mine pool:

The top ten mining pools received 20%, 15%, 13%, 12%, 10%, 9%, 7%, 6%, 5%, and 3% respectively as rewards.

To know more details on mining, please join the telegram group and ask the customer service.

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