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November 14
20:09 2019 Tracks Down Market Data like Luth Research

Marketer’s, like ourselves, quickly espouse the importance of market behavior tracking.  For us identifying the “why” behind an audiences online choices is more powerful than just knowing that traffic increased or decreased on a given website. And, yet, only about 22% of marketers have data-driven initiatives achieving significant results in the area of only behavior tracking.

Knowing the “why” or behavior allows companies to gather behavioral insights and act upon them as the behavior occur.  At one time, while scanning the myriad of websites, a user was faced primarily with pertinent content regarding the subject they were looking for.  Today, however, they might find the content, but must filter through the plethora of first-party and third-party ads and offers stretched across the page.  Users are overloaded with the “sales pitch” when they haven’t yet found the right product. But, what If you could determine, by behavioral tendencies, when a customer is at the peak of their purchasing intent.  At that very moment you can strategically prompt them with a timely and relevant “call to action”. For more information on this type of information click this link now

Our team found an interesting article on, “5 Creative Ways Consumer Data Can Quickly Scale Your Business”, that brought to light some important factors to consider if your are attempting to perform market behavior tracking.  To summarize, the article points to five benefits to tracking behavioral insights:

  1. Reducing customer acquisition costs

  2. Understanding how incorporating AI into your tracking system improves gating consumers into identity groups.

  3. Improving marketing customization

  4. Exposing internal bottlenecks

  5. Streamlining Internal Communications

Leveraging your consumer online behavioral data to gain important insights can require a lot of work.  That might be when you would want to reach out to Luth Research for assistance.  You are going to need behavior tracking that delivers clarity and deeper insights by passively metering how and what people consume on their computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.  By sending trigger surveys to the users, during their digital tracking period, a company may gain insight as to the consumer’s thought process, investigative trends, and purchasing habits.

With today’s global economy and 24-7 online access we would recommend getting a platform that is robust with qualitative research, survey data, and statistical analytics that can provide your company the edge it needs to close the deal.

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