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High-Speed Internet Service Is Available in Livingston, Louisiana

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High-Speed Internet Service Is Available in Livingston, Louisiana

November 03
05:09 2019
High-Speed Internet Service Is Available in Livingston, Louisiana

When the internet was first introduced, it took a long time for a single website to load. For people trying to use the internet, this could become irritating quickly. Thanks to innovative technology, though, this is no longer an issue.

Fiber optic technology has transformed how people get online, providing a more reliable and faster internet service. It offers amazingly fast internet speeds, a superior level of bandwidth and more. Keep reading to learn about the specific benefits offered by fiber-optic internet connectivity here.

Consistent and Reliable

With fiber optic internet service, like what is provided by EATEL, data is moved through a beam of light and holds several benefits over the copper wires used for traditional internet connectivity. These copper cables are susceptible to extreme weather and fire, which can affect connectivity and data transmission.

Copper cables are thick and inflexible, while fiber cable offers hair-like thinness and flexibility. This helps to optimize the capacity of data transformation. This means that fiber optic cables are resistant to environmental hazards, thinner, lightweight, and more reliable. It also provides superior uptime along with reliable internet service.

Faster Transfer of Data

With fiber optic connectivity, information moves at a much faster rate from one place to another than the broadband cables. With this method of connectivity, speeds range from 100 Mbps up to 100 Gbps. It provides users with an extremely fast uploading and downloading speed than the copper wires used for other connectivity methods. To learn more, visit

There are also no data-checkpoints, so there isn’t a limitation regarding data usage, and it’s possible to surf the internet as much as desired. If a person is experiencing a sluggish internet and wants to get a faster speed while surfing, they should choose fiber optic technology.

More Secure Internet

Fiber optic cables provide the most secure internet connection, and more can be learned about this by taking the time to click here now. With copper internet connections, they can be easily compromised, which may lead to signal hacking. Fiber cables consist of glass and they can’t release magnetic or electric signals, which means it’s impossible to hack the data signals.

The only way to compromise the fiber optic is if the cable is damaged. Some fiber optic internet providers also offer security software built-in, which protects against the threat of malware. Fiber optic internet service offers total defense for sensitive data from online threats such as malicious content, malware, and viruses.

Exceptional Amounts of Bandwidth

No longer do internet users have to worry about data usage on their portable devices. Fiber optic technology provides lightning-fast speeds across all devices, regardless of what they are or how they are used.

Making the switch to fiber optic connectivity is easier than it may seem. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to see why this internet connectivity option may be a smart option for any home. It makes sense for many.

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