Financial Planning for New Canadians: How Newcomers Can Truly Make It By Author Hye Young Lee

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Financial Planning for New Canadians: How Newcomers Can Truly Make It By Author Hye Young Lee

October 30
12:00 2019

The author, Hye Young Lee, is a successful financial planner and award-winning author. She has chosen to give you a comprehensive look at what immigrants to Canada need to be aware of while building their fortunes.

A lot of what Hye Young Lee has to say regards personal finances — your finances. This is not surprising since money is how most people count success. Also, many immigrants place a priority on family, and it is in the financial protection of the family that Hye Young steps into her role of coach or advisor. Chapter One takes a look at why immigrants come to Canada in the first place. In Chapter Seven, she lays out in plain talk what she and her team can do for you. Other chapters in her book talk about things like how to make sure there’s enough money for family if the main breadwinner becomes disabled (by accident or illness), dies or simply retires.

What can you expect from this book? Facts, solutions to very real problems and someone like Hye Young who knows what she’s writing about. Even everyday Canadians could benefit from the author’s knowledge. So many people don’t know how to make a simple budget or how to manage credit. Most people also lack the necessary funding for an enjoyable retirement. Hye Young can help them all. Perhaps the title of the book should have been Financial Planning for ALL Canadians.

Hye Young has made great strides in becoming a top professional. Her work with immigrants, along with this book, should stand her in good stead for many years to come.

Loral Langemeier, the star of The Secret and who’s well known as The Millionaire Maker, has said that this book gives a great overview of what you need to do to build wealth and protect that wealth.

For more information or to book a free financial needs assessment contact Hye Young Lee at [email protected] and purchase her book through her website at

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