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New Indiegogo campaign introduces highly advanced air purifier that eliminates 99.97% air pollutants

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New Indiegogo campaign introduces highly advanced air purifier that eliminates 99.97% air pollutants

September 24
19:27 2019

FERRIS 360 is a versatile, trendy, and state-of-the-art air purifier with updated Antimicrobial HEPA filter that can kill more microbes, pollutants, and allergens compared to other air purifiers. 

A Chino Hills-based company, UNbeaten Group, has recently launched a breakthrough air purifier on Indiegogo which has proven to eliminate 99.97% air pollutants. Titled “FERRIS 360”, this stylish and versatile air purifier can kill the fatal H1N1 and H3N2 influenza virus and assures a safe indoor environment for your family.

The campaign is geared to raise around USD 15,000 within the middle quarter of the next month.

Boasting the classy design of a vinyl LP record, FERRIS 360 can cover a vast area of 150-200 sq.ft / 14-18 m². It’s easy to handle, and its responsive buttons make the operation a breeze. The state of the art air purifier can clean the indoor air in just 1 hour with a Clean Air Delivery Rate of CADR 100+.

“Not many people are aware of the fact that indoor air is 5x more polluted compared to outdoor air. Indoor air carries around 10x higher VOCs than outdoor air. Polluted indoor air is dangerous as it’s usually laden with allergens and harmful microbes that can cause many harmful ailments like fatal influenza, COPS COPD, asthma, allergy, and many acute respiratory issues. Air purifiers are nothing new, but most of them can’t guarantee you relief from all the pollutants in the air. This is where our cutting-edge FERRIS 360 comes to the rescue”, stated a leading spokesperson from UNbeaten Group.

The star of Ferris 360 is its state-of-the-art Antimicrobial HEPA filter which is stronger than the regular filters available with existing air purifiers in the market. While other air purifiers have been limited to 8-15 MERV filter rating, Ferris 360 HEPA filter tops all with a stellar 16+ MERV rating. As a result, it can capture a number of, and types of pollutants in indoor air, the Ferris 360 filter is made from high-density borosilicate glass fibers that allow it to capture smallest of microbes- including those that are as small as 0.3 microns. The blue antimicrobial fabric on the filter carries anti-septic properties which enable it to kill germs and ensure a healthy environment across your home. 

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted the major cutting-edge features of Ferris 360:

  • An advanced antimicrobial HEPA filter
  • Air quality sensor
  • Removes pet dander, mold spores, pollen, dust mites and even the tiniest of microbes
  • Removes VOCs
  • Digital clock Time display
  • Stylish design inspired by LP records
  • Ozone free air purifier
  • Affordable pricing

“Many existing air purifiers leave traces of oxygen in indoor air after cleaning. But what the manufacturers of these purifiers don’t tell you is that ozone is dangerous for health and can even cause premature death. On the other hand, our Ferris 360 is developed with your needs and your health in mind and promises a complete ozone-free safe indoor environment after cleaning. It’s just the air purifier we have been waiting for. At present, we are
planning ready for mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Ferris 360 to life and make our homes a lot safer.”

Backers will be rewarded with the Ferris 360 air purifier and its filter in discounted prices. 

To show your support for the campaign, please go to–3#/.

Media Contact
Company Name: UNbeaten Group
City: Chino Hills
State: Califonia
Country: United States