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Rocky, the AI Powered Leadership Training Web App, Launched

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Rocky, the AI Powered Leadership Training Web App, Launched

September 12
13:39 2019

September 12, 2019 What if that famous motivational coach or inspiring leader was right inside our smart phone? The question has been answered in the form of Rocky, the AI leadership chatbot, a soft leadership skills training assistant now available as a web app!

With Rocky, the world’s first leadership coach in the pocket, mornings can now include goal setting and affirmations, and evenings spent doing a mindful reflection on all good habits nurtured and sustained during the day. Rocky the leadership chatbot is a novelty, a maverick creation, whose only aim is to train its users into high performers or leaders of tomorrow just as they have visualized. And it only takes 5 minutes a day!

With reading motivational books, data shows that only 8% of the learnings are actually practiced. Rocky combines the best of leadership insights, as it has been created with the help of conversational data, expert know-how from coaches and psychologists, over a hundred interviews of leaders and managers, and over 50 bestselling leadership books. As a bonus, Rocky improves over time with machine learning.

Using Rocky is as simple as 1-2-3. The user shares their goals with Rocky, and selects the leadership soft skills to focus on. Rocky begins daily conversations with the user, asking questions, taking feedback and sharing weekly analytics and reports. With a Morning session, users can fix their goals, mindset and intentions for the day. In the Evening session, they can reflect on outcomes.

Leadership is habitual work. Rocky assists you to take charge of your leadership skills daily. A robot’s consistency enables practicing leadership skills daily,“ says a spokesperson for Rocky Robots Ltd.

The Rocky leadership web app focuses on a wide number of soft leadership skills. The broad areas are: Priority (discipline, focus, time management), Clarity (strategic and visionary thinking), People (relationships, empowerment, openness), Communication (clarity, active listening, persuasion), Balance (energy levels, resilience) and Confidence (courage, continuous learning, self-appreciation).

Rocky is like a coach who keeps me focused and stick to good habits. I got so much done. My productivity has doubled,” says a serial entrepreneur and user of Rocky.

Some sample questions that Rocky puts out as part of its leadership training sessions: “How can you be 1% better tomorrow?”, “Have you practiced active listening today with your team?”, and “Were you able to manage a solid energy level throughout the day?” The questions get more personalized over time with machine learning improvements.

The Rocky AI powered leadership training chatbot is available for Free Trial with 14 free coaching sessions.

To set up an account on Rocky and start on the growth journey, please visit:

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