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Online Safety Enhancement with Temporary, Safe Email Addresses

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Online Safety Enhancement with Temporary, Safe Email Addresses

August 07
15:46 2019
Online Safety Enhancement with Temporary, Safe Email Addresses
2017 recorded the highest number of ransomware attacks with WannaCry making businesses and individuals cry for their money. Microsoft users were left running around like a headless chicken, and with the attacks widespread far and wide to parties regarded untouchable and secure, such as the British Health Services, one thing was clear – ransomware is the greatest threat to digital technology.

While the cases of ransomware attacks hitting the limelight have reduced, analysts note that ransomware attacks are not really slowing down and the attackers are only growing smart. To this end, it is projected that ransomware attacks will cost organizations and businesses upwards of $11.9B in this year alone. This menace, therefore, begs the question – how safe are email addresses used by the billion users around the world?   

Most ransomware attacks arise when unsuspecting individuals click on links sent to them via email. Therefore, organizations looking to create safe online spaces or in the very least, lift the veil and beat the attackers must devise and use the best protection systems for email. By securing email address, organizations might be one step closer and safe from ransomware. In a 2018 Cybersecurity Report released by Cisco, Microsoft Office extensions (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) were also noted to be among the most malicious file extensions leveraged by the email hackers. Therefore, the need for email protection is critical, today more than ever. While advising employees not to click on or enable things like Macros on suspicious attachments is the first step towards a safer online environment in this polarized world, there is more companies and organizations can do.  

One company, Yepmail, seeks to advance email protection with their guarded systems. Yepmail is an email service designed to the guard personal and corporate emails, while also stopping unsolicited emails. The system has been designed to give interested clients temporary email addresses for use, especially if the internet isn’t the best choice.

With the temporary email addresses, individuals and companies can give out their email addresses for online subscriptions and other online needs without worrying about their security being compromised. Interested persons could access this service by following three steps – pick a user name, select the domain, and then select the time duration to use the email.    

In addition to access to safe and temporary email addresses, Yepmail also generates ready to use and unique emails for their clients.  

Yepmail is a free, reliable, and an easy to use service that offers clients access to free and temporarily email addresses for use, especially when the internet is not the best option. 

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