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Screen Media Group (SMG) Shows Companies How To Remain Current With Trending Digital Marketing Tactics In 2019

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Screen Media Group (SMG) Shows Companies How To Remain Current With Trending Digital Marketing Tactics In 2019

August 07
00:00 2019
Screen Media Group (SMG) Shows Companies How To Remain Current With Trending Digital Marketing Tactics In 2019

CEO of Screen Media Group, Neron Meiler – Growth Marketing Consultant.
Screen Media Group is one of the top marketing companies in Miami, Florida, disrupting the way digital marketing has been done in the past so you can have a successful future. Our innovative ideas and well-researched marketing strategies are what you need to help you get to your next milestone.

Screen Media Group (SMG), the leading digital marketing agency, known for their innovative online marketing campaigns for companies in Latin America interested in starting a business in the USA market, selling online on Amazon, develop a Shopify E-Commerce and companies who are already selling online but will benefit of working with a digital marketing and consulting agency.

“We create compelling marketing solutions that can help your company remain in sync with the trending digital marketing strategies of today’s world,” says the spokesperson for SMG, Neron Meiler. “As a digital marketing agency that understands the power and value of innovations in making a business succeed, we help companies to implement proven growth marketing strategies for their type of business. If you have a business and you are not making money online, we can help.”

Screen Media Group has been ranked in the top 15 of the best 100 high tech companies in the reputed Latin America IT Manager Magazine. SMG is also part of DAN (Digital Agency Network) that features the top marketing agencies of the world representing Miami, FL. The digital agency is the recipient of numerous other recognitions and is part of the TIA – Top Interactive Agencies.

“Innovation is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects in the world of digital marketing, says Neron Meiler, CEO of Screen Media Group. “It is not about technology or maximizing profits using fewer resources. I believe that innovation is a capability, a vision that can pave the way for a steady stream of sales and profits when used rightly. It has to part of the culture of the company.”

Some concepts that people need to start understanding is how to appeal to the new type of consumer. Here are 3 tips to have in considerations:

Be Authentic 

Millennials want to buy products they believe in from companies they have faith in. Marketing used to be heavily focused on what we said about products. If a company put a great advertisement in a print publication, they would often get an increase in sales. Millennials don’t care about the catchy phrases and features used to describe products – they care about authenticity. 

It would have never been acceptable in previous generations to speak out on political stances or social justice, but these two things can actually help you connect more with your consumers. If your values align with a customer’s, they are more inclined to support your company and buy your product. 

Tip: Have a cause you believe in? Donating a small portion of profits can show your dedication!

Be Post-Worthy

This trick is a simple one. Make your product something that people need to talk about. What is going to make the average consumer want to post a picture of your product on social media? What makes it stand out? 

If your product stands out, millennials are going to want post pictures all over their Instagram accounts. It gives you free advertising and gets them the “likes” and comments that give them instant gratification through feedback from their followers. It’s a win-win situation!

Tip: Make your packaging pretty!

Dare to Be Different

Some of the most successful new-age companies built their success in disrupting the way we live life. Amazon made online shopping easier than it’s ever been before. All of these things made life easier and provided an innovative solution to problems in daily life. 

If you can create a product or concept that’s unique and stands out, you’ll have better luck with marketing and gain success. So you’re making a shoe company– what makes the shoes different than any other shoes you can already buy? This is a nearly sure-fire way to launch a successful product.

You should work closely with a Digital Marketing Agency in order to create a winning digital strategy. Is just not possible in today’s’ complex market to simply spread the word and expect to sell online. 

Bonus: You’ll be a trendsetter!

SMG has recently launched its website that offers an extensive portfolio of services. These include inbound marketing, SEO, media buying, web development, app development, social media management, content marketing, influencers campaigns, and digital marketing campaigns. 

The marketing expert is committed to providing companies access to the best digital marketing strategies so that they can make use of these trends in Digital Marketing in 2017 to improve rankings and profits.

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About Screen Media Group:

Screen Media Group was established 18 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela and has grown rapidly to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies. SMG now offers its services in Latin America and the USA and also has its operations center in Miami, serving clients in USA, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Spain among others, offering a wide variety of services to its clients.

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