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WOW AI CCTV 2019 Is Here, Should People Get CCTV Installed Today?

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WOW AI CCTV 2019 Is Here, Should People Get CCTV Installed Today?

July 29
20:45 2019
WOW AI CCTV 2019 Is Here, Should People Get CCTV Installed Today?

VISITORS, workers and residents in the United Kingdom — as well as football fans heading to there local Stadium — will have their faces scanned by ​AI CCTV Camera facial ​recognition security cameras to identify troublemakers and wanted offenders on a UK “Black Watchlist”.

The facial identification software — aimed to be rolled out — is so new to the UK that even Police will use the cutting-edge technology.

The UK wants to widen and strengthen its virtual security net with a suite of 30 new “smart” CCTV cameras scattered across the UK, including six capable of facial recognition.

Security vs spying: Facial recognition CCTV goes from sci-fi to real life

A cluster of these cameras will be within walking distance of the new Arena across the River to the Stadium in a bid to prevent crime and potential terrorist attacks.

The system, revealed in a tender, would check the faces of people passing the cameras against images on the Black Watchlist, which would be created and managed by the city as part of the plan.

Facial recognition is being trialled by police in London, but an independent review this week found there was a “lack of clarity about the legal basis” for the use of the technology and its regulation.

The City proposal would make it one of the first authorities in the UK to use facial recognition. The Border Force employs the technology at Airport’s SmartGate automatic passport checkpoints.

CCTV Installation services UK said future expansion of facial recognition and smart CCTV cameras throughout the city would depend on “a successful trial and feasibility”.

We are hoping that over the next few years it’s affordable for homes and small businesses to get AI CCTV to protect them from known local criminals.

Then maybe one central database could help in the fight against crime in the UK, and one day stamp out CRIME.

“Facial recognition technology assists frontline staff in responding faster to potential incidents and undertaking preventative measures … the city respects the privacy of the community and at all times is aware of its obligations under the Surveillance Devices Act 1998.”

The project, jointly funded by the city, would also count people, vehicles and cyclists, with analytics software capable of predicting anti-social or crowd-crush incidents before they escalate or even happen. These cameras could also track more vehicles using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology.

The tender document states the project’s objective is to “improve response times, monitor traffic and pedestrian flows and advise the appropriate authorities before any antisocial behaviour escalates”. As well, the system would be open to authorised third parties to interrogate and extract data on request.

The tender call-out also states the system should be able to redirect facial recognition analytics from one city camera to another on demand.

The camera system should be able to detect abandoned items, full or partial number plates, monitor foot traffic in real-time, notify surveillance operators if pedestrians start running instead of walking, therefore, pinpointing potential crowd crush situations, and alert people through PA announcements of blockages, hazards or incidents.

CCTV Camera Installations anticipated the system would be up and running by the end of the year, saying UK was chosen as the smart CCTV hub because of its proximity to the Stadium events.

“(Analytics) will improve the ability to detect suspicious or anti-social behaviours and responses by authorities. The benefits of the data will also enhance an understanding about the use of the area and in turn, the data will provide a good reference point toward operational and capital works decisions,” he said.

Homes do not use facial ID technology, although it is used by Large Companys, the national information-sharing service. The Public Transport Authority has no plans to use the software. The Stadium has the “technical capability”, but is not using the technology.

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