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EJMAC’s offers cryptocurrency that will eliminate the waste tires pollution

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EJMAC’s offers cryptocurrency that will eliminate the waste tires pollution

July 10
16:52 2019
EJMAC\'s offers cryptocurrency that will eliminate the waste tires pollution

Recently, the blockchain use in the disruption of finance had been the main focus of businesses and investors; However, now there is an additional option for new ideas and is to take advantage of this advancing technology to shore up the much needed “green” transition.

This innovative strategy promises to raise the money needed for environmental objectives and, at the same time, provide an attractive market opportunity. The profitability lies in the ties between the tokenized world and projects of the real world; the latest and most prominent example is the peer-to-peer approach brought bt EMJAC, which is expected soon to conquer the Asian continent.

The development of currencies for the best cause

According to current studies, the tire market in Malaysia registered sales of at least 17 million units of tires during 2017, a volume projected to grow up to 23.8 million units by 2023. In exchange, only 30% of them will be recycled, which causes the outbreak of illegal fire-generating landfills, releasing substances such as carbon monoxide, furans, toluene, benzene, and lead oxide, with irreversible effects on health and the environment.

After more than a decade in the tire recycling sector, M.K Kwan and Chu Wong met with a team of collaborators to create a definitive solution for Malaysia. They joined forces with the company Evergreen Corporate (ECSB), developer of a green chemical tire recycling method, the Advanced Continuous Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU). Consequently, EJMAC was born. The platform aims to provide “peer-to-peer transferability of virtual comforts, inherent value at a stable price.”

Features of the ecosystem

The EMJAC platform system has a distributed protocol, similar to ERC20 (Ethereum), and it uses the “token as a medium” strategy. Engineers and advisers consider that it’s an essential stratagem for mass adoption since it’s enforced with a hybrid approach:

  1. Commercial perspective: By acquiring EMJ tokens, users will be able to perform various transactions and payments using a liquid asset. Additionally, they will have access to a wallet ready to be used in smart contracts, where they will securely store their funds. On the other hand, developers can take advantage of a decentralized API (Application Programming Interface).
  2. Environmental: Investment in crypto capital allows the administration and recycling of illegally dumped waste first on a regional level and then, in the long term, on a global scale.

TRU’s technology

The EMJAC team affirms that, in order to achieve the proper economic profitability when recycling, all the products obtained from the treatment of tires must be able to get commercialized. The substances that are produced through the TRU process are divided into approximately 4 materials that add up to 100%, to be purchased by factory industries:

  • 45% synthetic diesel Euro 2.
  • 35% refined black carbon, of which at least 4 grades will be produced (N330, N550, N660, and N774) depending on the customer’s needs.
  • 10% steel wire.
  • 10% synthetic gas.

As a remarkable aspect, the heat provided by combustion of the gas synthesis when processing sub-products is enough to keep this technology in operation, with an anticipated 99% margin of tire residues recycling in the region. In full contrast with the results of conventional chemical procedures – such as pyrolysis, incineration or crumbling – that, according to data available in the company’s Whitepaper, only provide 80% of the material collected.

Right now EMJAC green project has the full support of government agencies such as the Department of Environment (DOE) and powerful partners throughout Southeast Asia to expand operations and the level of effectiveness to countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. On another extreme, ECSB is making commercial agreements with several companies – whose results will be known in the upcoming months – to also obtain waste tires from other regions such as U.K and Africa (9,000 tons of waste tires per month).

About the Initial Coin Offer

At the beginning of December, enthusiasts from the corporate sector and individual users will have access to the pre-ICO, with an entire supply of 175,000,000 EJMs, finishing the same month.

The beginning of operations will take place immediately after the implementation of the first plant, and the funds will be located in the Development, Contract, Conceptual and Executive stages of the facilities and the establishment of the commercial support system.

Media Contact
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